How Frick Writes became Kelly Frick: Connect…

I was pondering on this little factoid a few weeks ago… about how much this blog has changed and how it started and where it is at today.

Don’t we all do that with everything, anything in our life?

When I started this blog 10 plus years ago the name Frick Writes was a play on words that requires way too many words and paragraphs to explain so I will save that for another day :).  But the biggie was that I was writing about other books….sharing about what I was reading. Yet it was also birthed because I needed an outlet to heal from my miscarriage.  Books and writing have always been my happy place.

Then about 2 or 3 years into it my writing started to shift and become so much more than just giving my thoughts on what I was currently reading.  It became about what life challenges had just thrown my way and how I was maneuvering them.  Or I would write about what was currently going on in the world and how it related to my faith walk.  And then it became about my entering into business and how I was supporting my health with natural remedies…..

It was about that time that I changed the name from Frick Writes to Kelly Frick: Connect.  It again was a play on words.

As I had entered into the holistic world of health not only for myself but for coaching others I wanted to convey how everything was connected to our health.  But a title like “Connect your Health: Mind Body Soul Spirit”…..well was long…lol….more of a tag line….and honestly at that time, not even a concept that was being thought of.  Like who would think that if a person is having liver issues (physical) that it could be related to their anger (emotional -mental and/or spiritual health)…..that was just waaay too woohoo for the average person…lol….

And really I saw the word CONNECT as meaning so much more….

  • Connect the drops (another play on words for essential oils)….
  • Connect your health…
  • Connect with your community…
  • Connect with other women…
  • Connect to your faith..
  • Connect with your body…
  • But most important…
  • CONNECT WITH GOD…through all these other connections…

But I didn’t know how to express all that then….I didn’t know how to explain it…

Over the course of the last couple of years, I have pondered once again if I should change the name…after all, some in the business world find KELLY FRICK: CONNECT too ambiguous and it doesn’t explain enough.  And I have even had some people get confused thinking that Connect is my last name….lol…

Yet I KNOW that this name is perfect….

Especially now as I have stepped out of the coaching and business world…and back into full-time ministry and writing…

How do I know it is perfect?

Because each year I am on this healing journey I am able to CONNECT another piece of the puzzle to a previous one…..

OR I am able to CONNECT with another amazing woman who needs to be CONNECTED with another person I know….

And that is just another one of my gifts and talents….I just know how to CONNECT things and people….I LOVE IT….I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE BEING A CONNECTOR and building community….

I say this with absolute humility….I can’t take credit for this gift…it is truly from God….cause the introvert in me would rather just sit, write, read, and pray…lol…

Now I know many of you are going to say….”But Kelly the top of the blog says: Kelly Frick ~ Connect with God to Love the Skin You are In!”……

I have thought about changing that too….to just go back to Kelly Frick: Connect…

But this is the thing….at the root of all this connecting… ultimate desire is to draw ALL of us (myself included) to CONNECT deeper with God.  THROUGH WHICHEVER MEANS….to get to a place where we are TRULY AT PEACE IN OUR OWN SKIN….When we are able to see that GOD CREATED US SO BEAUTIFULLY AND THAT WE ARE IN THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF HIM!

Therefore that realization further cemented my conviction that this blogs website url of is exactly as it is to be….because when you come here you are right away reminded we are to CONNECT WITH GOD TO LOVE THE SKIN WE ARE IN….aka, the tag line that I will forever teach and breath and write about through all areas.

So whether I write about microwaves, egg recipes, healing retreats, illness, laundry soap, or the latest books I have been reading…my intent is to always connect you to God through my own journey…..because honestly what I have been finding even more so on this amazing journey of past trauma healing, dysmorphia, hashimotos, miscarriages, and soooo much more is that the more we CONNECT with God…..the more we fall in love with HIM.  And in return, we fall in love with how beautifully wonderfully made we are.

I write and share here as much for myself as I do for you, the reader….it continually reminds me how far I have come….and how much more I have to go…..but also to enjoy the entire process….to be truly present in the moment and CONNECT!

How do you CONNECT?

What does CONNECT mean to you?

Many blessings and hugs always,

Kelly 🙂

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