The Power & Health of Prayer Requests

Today I want to share about our health in a different way!

The health of…




I have been thinking about this for some time now and even more so recently.

  1. Where could you use a little extra prayer and support in your life?
  2. What are you feeling challenged about most?  
  3. What is that one thing that just keeps eating at you and you just need some help with?

The following are examples but not limited:

  • Are you a mama trying to figure out how to get your kiddos to daycare?
  • Are you a non-profit needing to organize a fundraiser?
  • Are you a business owner looking for a graphics designer?
  • Or…..are you struggling with some serious health challenges and could use some help with cleaning and cooking?

Now let’s look at WHAT YOU CAN DO!? What gifts, talents do you have to share!?

  • Meaning have you found yourself with a little extra time on your hands and would love to help out in some sort of way?
  • Do you miss having kiddos in the house and would love to help a mama with kiddos from time to time?
  • Do you love cleaning the house?
  • Do you love cooking meals and always make more than you need?
  • Do you naturally have a knack for organization and fundraising?
  • Do you love everything technology?

Here is the thing….

EMAIL ME BACK with your biggest deepest prayer request and need?  

As well as your passion and gifts! What fires you up to do… especially for others!

At the VERY LEAST email me your prayer….your deepest want and struggle is going to go in my prayer book.  A prayer book that is prayed upon daily.  

My prayer with it is always, “Lord how can I best serve and support this person? What is YOUR WILL in their struggle, situation?  Please hear their cry, their desire, their need.”   

But here is the two-fold….by you responding to me with your wants, needs, and what you can do….. WHAT IF everyone on this list shares about their struggles with me, as well as what their gifts are…..I SEE A CONNECTION…..

  • I hear about a woman who missing cooking for a large family but everyone is out of the house….
  • and another woman is going through chemo and barely has the energy to cook for herself non-the-less her family…..

Wouldn’t that be an answer to each of these women’s prayers?  And wouldn’t that be creating community as God calls us to do?  

Now I want you to think about all the feel-good hormones that will rush through your body when you give of yourself in both ways (the willingness to be vulnerable and shed light on a struggle as well as the giving of self in service)……your BODY’S health will actually flourish as well!  

WE are talking about the WHOLE HEALTH package here!

So this week PLEASE email me back so I can add YOUR PERSONAL PRAYER REQUESTS to my PRAYER JOURNAL.  And let’s wait and see how God is going to work through all of us together!

And a quick note… I would never share your prayer request with another person (someone to connect you with) without your permission!

Have a glorious Monday and week!

Many blessings, prayers, and hugs always!


PS…updates have been taking place daily on the tabs….AND coming soon here on the blog are all sorts of preparedness thoughts our family has been putting into place….all with the desire to live out being the best version of ourselves as we tend to the beautiful temple of a body that God has entrusted us with!

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