Social Media: Exit or Hiatus?

There are so many reasons and arguments for leaving social media these days.  And just as many reasons and arguments for staying.

I can easily argue and debate both sides.  But at the end of the day, we each have to ask ourselves is my time spent on social media helping me be the best version of myself?  How am I using it to be an intentional disciple?  But what I think is an even more important question is….is my time on it drawing me closer to God?  Am I able to praise, love, and serve God well with my social media time?

I am going to be speaking for me….NO.

Some of you may be able to honestly say YES to all these questions and if I was asking me a few years back I think I would have been answering yes THEN.  But what I do know is this is not true for me anymore… least not during this season of my life.

Recently, when I am on social media all I think about is how much censorship is taking place.

I think about how much time it is taking me away from a great book, studying about a saint,  or helping out my family.

Or when I am really honest and vulnerable with myself and with you….is I realize how much work and healing I still have in the area of dysmorphia.

There are people who are triggers to me.  People on social media that I compare myself to.  I judge myself rather than feel grateful they are making a difference in this world with their platform.  

That’s me being honest….being real.

But we don’t talk about this.  Any of us.  Because it means admitting we are not perfect.  It means saying we still have work to do.

Instead, we want to put on our pretty faces for social media are even say we are being vulnerable by sharing about a tough time, yet also talking about the blessings.  Or we construct perfectly worded postings to get the numbers up (trust me I know content writing and the psychology that is taught in the courses to capture the interest)…..

And this is the thing….I am tired of feeling jaded….judgemental….and jealous.

And that is how I know I’ve got some soul work to do.  This is how I know I need to take my healing to the next level and quit “coasting” at this level.

But who likes to hear this kind of radically honest talk?  It’s not uplifting, it’s actually kind of cringy, it’s ugly, heck it’s even bash-able!

But my question is do we want a person to be honest only after the fact….after they have gotten their “stuff all together”…or to be honest as they see it happening?

I think some of the amazing motivational speakers and writers understand there has to be a certain degree of healing done before you can truly start sharing in a way that is helpful to others.  Heck, you would not have wanted me of 20 years ago who was just barely beginning my healing journey….but I think we all can appreciate what it says about a person who is willing to say “I’m still on this journey”…..

Yes, I have figured out some of it….but when we can recognize a trigger, a hurt, a pain, a wound as it is happening….when we don’t expect it, and share how we are handling it at the moment….how powerful is that?  If not for anyone else…..I know I am at least doing this for me!  Keeping myself accountable to continue to grow in radical honesty to myself and my amazing Lord.

So for me….how am I going to accomplish this next level of healing…. by getting even deeper into the root causes of my “worthiness” wounds?  

I am going to eliminate the noise and distractions that social media causes for me to do this work!

I am going to go deeper with God.

I was watching an amazing health summit with REFORM WELLNESS recently.  They posed a question about how often, when we have a health goal, a physical goal, do we take it to GOD FIRST?!  TO ASK HIM, “IS THIS WHAT’S BEST FOR ME?  IS THIS HOW YOU WANT ME TO CARE FOR THE BODY YOU HAVE TRUSTED ME WITH?”

I had to pause….


I had to admit….I have never actually asked HIM if any of the protocols, fitness goals, thyroid healing…..none of it have I asked Him first.  I just did my research, prayed for healing and help…..BUT never have I said or asked in my prayers: 

“Lord, should I pursue this dietary protocol for my thyroid?”


“Lord, will this exercise routine help bring me closer to you and be healing for my adrenals?”


“Lord, will this plan foster a sub-conscience level of dysmorphia and unworthiness?”

I honestly don’t know how long I plan on being away from social media…..what I do know is right now is, if I want to continue to grow in my relationship with God and with myself that I need to walk away from it……and I am at great peace with the direction God is leading me.

How does social media affect your relationship with God and yourself?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Many blessings, hugs, and prayers always,

Kelly 🙂


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