Pause with Purpose

We have entered into a NEW YEAR!  Welcome, 2022!

Many people might be frenzied with writing out their 2022 goals, vision boards, etc…..not me…

This is super weird for me because I was always that person who expected myself to have my New Year ideas, plans, goals, etc ALL FIGURED OUT….MAPPED OUT….ETC….

Instead, I find myself feeling pulled to the pause button….kind of like what I did in October.

God has been pressing my heart with so many thoughts…..I feel like the only way I can truly HEAR His voice, His will… requires a pause….but not just a pause to do nothing….but a PAUSE with PURPOSE!

Then, last night I finished reading Redeeming Love by Francine River and when I read her “Why she wrote Redeeming Love”…..I KNEW God was calling me into a PAUSE WITH PURPOSE!

What is this going to look like for me?

It means I will write in my notebooks, journals, and dig deeper into my prayer life to truly HEAR HOW God is calling me into writing and ministry for 2022.

This also means I am going to unplug once again for the month of January.  I won’t be on social media again, I won’t be sending out to my email list, and I won’t be here on the blog.

This was not an easy decision.  But I know it is the direction God is calling me to for January….to go into the deep… enter into the center with God….to become even more intentional with ALL I do.  

I know that this will allow me to spend time really digging into the direction of my blog and all the ideas that keep bursting within me. 

BUT MOST IMPORTANT HE IS CALLING ME TO GO DEEPER WITH MY RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM!  That I am to have no distractions, even if they are good distractions or goals or what I think would be super useful or helpful for readers…..

God is asking me to take the first commandment to the next level.  Showing me the ways I may have been putting even some of what I do that is good….such as writing and evangelizing on social media and blogging…..that those can sometimes be disordered in my life…..that I must TRULY be willing to PUT HIM ABSOLUTELY AND FULLY FIRST!  And TRUST! And to need NOTHING BUT HIM AND HIS PRAISE!

Do you find yourself needing to press the PAUSE BUTTON BUT WITH PURPOSE?!

If so….what is stopping you?

Fear not….HE is waiting for you to draw into the deep with Him!

I look forward to reporting back to you all here in February and sharing all I learned and grew from.

Many blessings, hugs, and prayers always,

Kelly 🙂


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