Wellness Wednesday: Body Image Summit from Reform!

I pray your Christmas was absolutely blessed and full of so much peace and joy that you are just beaming from ear to ear, heart to head, and soul to spirit!

I am going to just dive in because I think what I have to share is just WAAAY too amazing to not shout it out right away!

I follow an amazing Holistic Wellness Team that is TRULY about connecting our WHOLE HEALTH with several amazing professionals as part of the group.  It is called REFORMED WELLNESS.

***Let me say right off the bat….I get NOTHING for promoting them or promoting their upcoming event…..I JUST FEEL VERY STRONGLY ABOUT THE MISSION AND THE SERVICES THEY PROVIDE!

Well, they have a SUMMIT coming up in January that is going to be AMAZING!  It is called BODY IMAGE SUMMIT!  And the more amazing thing is they are leaving it up to the participants on how much you feel you can donate to participate!

For this week’s supporting our whole health categories, I am going to highlight each speaker in the appropriate category to give you a teaser and insight as to why you are not going to want to miss out on this!


Mind:  Fridays (January 14) keynote speaker Dr. Greg Bottaro, clinical psychologist, and founder of CatholicPsych Institute.  I absolutely love his podcast and all he puts out.  Dr. Bob of the JPII Institute will also be speaking on this day.  He started the Healing the Whole Person retreats….absolutely an amazing man!  As well as a brilliant author and speaker who truly understands eating disorders and trauma.

Body:  Thursdays (January 13) keynote speaker talking about our bodies health will be from Reforms very on Doc.  You can learn more about her HERE!  There are 4 other speakers covering this topic: a beauty consultant, a physical therapist, a co-founder of SoulCore, and a military reserves chaplain.

Soul:  Saturdays (January 15) keynote speaker is the founder of Reform:  Jackie Mulligan.  As well as 2 other amazing guest speakers.

Spirit:  Through the 3 days of getting in touch with your mind-body-soul health you are then going to connect to your spirit…your relationship with God and how it affects your WHOLE HEALTH!

***I hope you take the time to read and learn a bit more about each of the speakers and sign yourself up as well!  I look forward to attending it with you!

Have a gloriously blessed last week of 2021.  And as always please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know how I can best serve and support you!

Hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 😉


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