I miss smiles and hugs!


Two years ago we were told to cover our smiles and to not touch, not hug, STAY AWAY from each other!

Oh, how I saw so much wrong with this from the very beginning….I had hoped against all hope that the insanity would go away….yet here we are two years into it and we are more divided and our humanity is at even greater risk.

I think I am super passionate about this because these both strike to the core of my own healing journey.

You see when I went to the HEALING THE WHOLE PERSON retreat years ago I was able to finally recognize why I would bristle sometimes at the thought of someone else initiating a hug…..yet I am one of those when I meet you I will ask you if you like hugs because I WANT TO HUG YOU!

What I had discovered during that retreat was because touch had been used against me in my past traumas I had turned off the want and need for touch.  That retreat helped me in this healing process to be receptive fully to touch again.  And to actually even realize that my secondary love language is touch.  My first being words!

Now as for smiles…..

If you have ever watched the short-lived tv series “Lie to Me” you learn loosely about the science of micro-expressions.   What is interesting is there is a woman in the show who is sought out by the lead character to work in his firm because she is a “natural” with reading people.  You later discover it is because of her childhood traumas that she is a “natural” but can still use some work in learning about the science of micro-expressions.

I remember when I watched that episode in how it resonated with me.  And it had me wondering if my ability to read people was due to nature or nurture (the traumas in life) or a combo….

For me, it really doesn’t matter…..because I view it as a beautiful gift that I can read people very well.  Now….what is interesting is we truly all have the ability to do this….it is just some of us are more sensitive to it than others…..and some practice the art/science, even more, to get better at it.  I just do it.

The body speaks but the face is the most expressive and the best way to read someone.  ESPECIALLY AROUND THE MOUTH!

Then there is the whole thing about being made in the image and likeness of God…..being the face of God…..

I can go on and on….but my point in all this is as I draw nearer to the year anniversary of having lost my dad I yearn for hugs and smiles even more.

I miss being able to give the sign of peace by actually shaking hands with others during Mass.  I dislike not knowing if a person who is wearing a mask is feeling sad or happy so I can in return give a reassuring smile.  Now I know I can do this anyways….but there is something about that connection of seeing a mouth and KNOWING how they are feeling.  

The biggest thing that I have to fight within me is not absorbing the “blah” I feel from all those around me who are wearing masks or who are definitely avoiding others’ touch…..these people put off particular energy, spirit, emotion that is just heavy.  

BUT…..instead of sinking into despair or frustration…..I smile to myself….and I dig in deeper into my prayer life!  My smiling and hugging life has become deeper and richer with my friends and family who know how I MUCH I THRIVE AND WANT THEIR HUGS AND SMILES!

Do you miss smiles and hugs?

How have you been nurturing your healing journey with fewer public hugs and smiles?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Blessings and hugs always,



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