Breast Health & Thermography

Over the course of the years when I was actively coaching women on whole health I would be asked about breast health….particularly about mammograms.  I never really thought much about mammograms one way or another…..other than the fact that I thought they were necessary for us women.  Especially for women who have a family history or women like me who have dense breasts therefore we are always having to “weed out” if a lump we detect is one we have always had or a new one!

About 10 years ago I watched the docuseries “The Truth About Cancer” and in it, there were several different interviews that covered breast cancer specifically.  There was amazing info on prevention, detection, post, etc…..   But the thing that really stuck out to me was the expert/professional being interviewed talked about WHY a mammogram is actually more problematic than helpful.

NOW….before you start yelling at me and saying things like “my mammogram saved my life” or “if it wouldn’t have been for my mammogram I wouldn’t have known”……PLEASE HEAR THE SCIENCE OUT…..

Think of a cancer cell as like a pimple.  It actually is contained.  We actually have many cancer cells floating in our body at all times.  But our bodies are amazing healers that they usually take care of that cell and eliminate it out of our system one way or another.   

Now, what happens when we start squeezing on a pimple?  It gets more inflamed, it might even ooze stuff, and even cause more problems than if we would have just looked at the pimple and started doing things to reduce the pimple and eliminate it from the inside….in essence dry it out so it goes away!

In the interview, the professional talked about how a cancer cell that may not have been triggered “on” can be triggered “on” by being compressed…..just like a pimple…it will burst and ooze its toxins.  YUCK….this had me thinking there had to be better ways to detect and prevent…..which had me learning more about thermography.

Now a combo of healthy living with real food, balancing your nutrition not being too acidic and not too alkaline….that Goldilocks balance…..exercise….sleep…..less stress….balanced hormones…..all the stuff we know is super important.

For the sake of this blog post I am going to share info specific to THERMOGRAPHY and how it can be helpful for your breast health in early detection….even earlier than a mammogram….

I am going to share lots of resources and let the experts do the talking :)…..

When I am doing research I like going to Dr Axe first….mostly because his info is so super easy and digestible to read.  Even a person who is absolutely new to the holistic world of health can get so much from what he shares.  In THIS ARTICLE he actually gives the history and understanding with sourcing on Mammograms and then goes into a short ending about THERMOGRAPHY which then links you to his ARTICLE ABOUT THERMOGRAPHY.

In THIS ARTICLE….it shares with you all those FAQ’S a woman will have about THERMOGRAPHY. Questions like:

  • How can it help?
  • How is it different from a mammogram?
  • What else can it detect in your body?
  • And sooo much more

In THIS VIDEO INTERVIEW, Dr Mercola sits down and talks with Gaea Powell about THERMOGRAPHY!

Now you might say, “Yeah but Kelly what about medical journals and documented stuff that isn’t just in the holistic world?”  I always find it interesting that many believe that the holistic world isn’t backed by science.  If anything the holistic world is in even more cooperation with science, nature, and God…..than traditional medicine that sometimes ego and pride start overshadowing the science and they start grinding their feet into the ground and aren’t willing to say….” oh maybe just maybe we do have a new and better way of doing things”…..

So for the skeptics… is a list of research and references to help your research heart!

Finding a place that offers thermography in your area is pretty easy just plug in THERMOGRAPHY IN (FILL IN TOWN, STATE)…..for me I plugged in Georgetown, Texas and did my search that way!

What I found helpful was seeing how many chiropractors offer it…..which is helpful because even if the chiropractor you go to doesn’t offer it he/she may know of someone or a facility they trust.  

Which brings you to the question does insurance cover it?  Some do and some don’t.   

BUUT…if your insurance covers your chiropractor and your chiropractor orders it there may be a work-around.  It may be worth exploring.  But this is the thing I have seen it cost as little as $100 for just the breast scan.  Isn’t $100 out of pocket worth the peace of mind that you are CATCHING it even earlier than a mammogram and not putting yourself at unnecessary risks?

Here is the thing….with anything in health….donot just trust and rely on western medicine, traditional medicine, all the “alphabet” organizations, that state they have your best interest in mind….donot just take their word for it!  

Be willing to go outside of the box….outside what you maybe have always known….do your own research always!  But don’t just go to US studies, research, and the medical world.  Check what the medical journals in other countries are researching, what do other cultures teach, which countries have the least cases of anything you might be researching and learn what it is about their society, health practices, that might be helpful to learn from.  

Empower yourself to be in charge of YOUR health and not just DO what THEY tell you you “should” do because of old, outdated research…..

It is YOUR HEALTH, YOUR BODY, YOUR LIFE…..and God has equipped you with all you need to learn how to best care for yourself.

Many blessings always.  And if you think this info would be helpful to a loved one please pass it on.  Be an advocate of love and knowledge to those around us!

Hugs and prayers,



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