Spanish Flu, New Friday Blog Posts, & Soul-filling podcast!

This week I have been really thinking about not only how we are entering into Christmas in just 10 days but how can we continue on our health journey through the winter, to be better prepared for anything that winter may have in store for us.  After all last winter here in Texas, we had the ice storms that left people without electricity, stranded, cold, and so much more.

This had me realizing I wanted you to always, have not only these modified emails that I turn into a blog post, that I send to my email list with the MIND, BODY, SOUL, SPIRIT tips and resources for our health ……but also some easy to access ACTIONABLE ideas and resources for you.

So starting this week here on this blog….FRIDAYS will be dedicated to exactly that!

Therefore Mondays on the blog will still be focused on healing journeys that come from my own personal journey always in hopes of providing encouragement and support to you by sharing my own personal journey through traumas, health crisis, dysmorphia, and more.

Wednesdays on the blog are usually a recap or a variation of the email newsletter so that the MIND BODY SOUL SPIRIT thoughts and links are easily accessible for all here on the blog!

And now FRIDAYS will have practical actionable plans and resources.

Things like:

  • Recipes
  • wholefood/real food made easy
  • Protocols for “if” or “when” with ANY health situation
  • Preventative protoclas
  • Winter prep for your house
  • DIY’s for cleaning, body care, and more

Basically everything and anything that I think St.  Hildegard would want you to know and learn from to live a holistic health and life.

So for example she talks a lot about FENNEL, and let me tell you what she is a huge fan of fennel.   So there may be a FRIDAY that is just all about FENNEL… everything you can do with it….why you would want to use it….how to use it fresh, cooked, in essential oil, in a tincture….etc.  Or I might talk about Headaches and all the different holistic approaches you can take.  Or one final example would be say a holistic pantry check-off list.  

I look forward to bringing this to you through my blog.

So if you are not subscribed to this blog yet don’t hesitate by CLICKING HERE because 2022 is going to be so much fun here with SOOO many nuggets of support that I really don’t want you to miss out on it!

Now I know I just shared a whole lot with you…lol… thank you for still sticking around cause now I am going to dive into what has been resonating with me over this last week to share with you as we grow in our MIND BODY SOUL SPIRIT health journey!


Mind:  I am not sure if this article I read fits best here or in the body part…lol…..but I am sticking it here in our mental health because I really want us to think about it from a critical thinking point of view.  This article is about the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic!  This article is predominantly about the mask.  I do not want this to be a trigger for anyone…what I do desire is for us to continue to learn….grow…and follow science.  If you like this article you can always find more at Dr. M3rc0la’s website.  (Why did I type his name weirdly?  Because he has been censored in such a horrible way over the last 2 years that I don’t want even my typing his name for you to be censored…lol….)

Body:  I have been following a holistic health team for a while now that I just MUST shout out about again!  REFORM WELLNESS approaches your health with all the same elements I share with you about: mind, body, soul, spirit…..true holistic health with testings, etc.  When a dear friend of mine shared it with me I thought, I will get on their email list and at least glean and learn from them.  Oh my goodness totally love this team and how they truly want to help people figure out what is going on with their physical health and have actionable plans PLUS really addressing the spiritual and soul health!  WOW!… the very least get signed up for their emails because they have amazing nuggets of wisdom each month!

***Often I think we get the soul and spirit part of our health confused so real quick before I go into the soul and spirit tip and thought for the week let’s do a quick refresher on what they each are:

  • Our soul’s health is how our emotions help us relate to humanity.  
  • Our spirit is our connection to God.  Trusting God, loving God.

With that being said….

Soul:  Okay so now that I have that defined….ironically this share was hard for me to pick between soul and spirit…..but I chose SOUL because for me it was how can I continue to relate and be present for others around me as I try not to feel overwhelmed in soul health of our world!

PLUS….these 3 lovely ladies talked about ST. HILDEGARD in this podcast… a huge bonus on my part!  Powerful healing prayer is done at the end…..which when we are healing our own soul we are able to better relate with others and then it also strengthens our spirit and our connection to God!

Spirit: Finally….as I continue to grow in my connection and love for and with God…..I appreciate my daily practice of Lectio Divina even more…..I think I took it for granted before….I went through the motions of it but never FULLY abandoned myself to be TRULY RAW AND RECEPTIVE to trust God….oh how He helps us grow and learn….which then had me remembering that I had a Lectio Divina Journal before….years ago….that I had purchased through Sonja Corbitt (The Bible Study Evangelista)…..I think I am going to be ordering this journal again now that I understand the format of the journal even more now!

Have a gloriously blessed week.  And as always please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know how I can best serve and support you!

Hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 😉


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