“Just” a wife and mother…

Some women discredit themselves either they say they are “just” a stay-at-home mom or “just a wife…

They don’t realize the amazing value and importance in these roles….these callings…

Being a mom is truly one of the hardest jobs a woman will ever have.  We wear many hats.  And truly many un-recognized moments…..yet the MOST REWARDING “JOB” EVER!

I have always known I was to be a wife and mother.

I never doubted my vocation and calling to marriage and motherhood.

I especially have never doubted when God has asked me to walk away from several career paths in the past and even business ventures.  I knew I was to be a full-time wife and mom and homeschooler.

I have fallen in love with my vocation and calling more than I could ever describe.  Yet there have been times over the course of the years when a woman comes into my life and the encounter would have me questioning what God had/has planted so firmly in my heart and soul.  

I would wonder maybe I’m not enough as “just” wife and mother?  Maybe I am supposed to be doing more?  Am I hiding from my gifts and talents?  Am I ignoring something God might be calling me to?

But then when I would get silent from the mental chatter and truly communicate with God and listen for His voice, He would remind me what He is calling me to…..what makes me uniquely me….and to QUIT COMPARING, COVETING, JUDGING myself as well as other women….to BE ME…

Now over the years, God has called me into many different roles: military, fiscal management, personal trainer, fertility specialist, college campus ministry, a non-profit assistant, a non-profit manager, at-risk youth program coordinator, CPS investigator, writing, wellness coaching, EFT coaching, mindset coaching, Oils Educator, content writer, leadership facilitator, event organizer, speaker….you name it I have probably done it…lol.

But one thing that I’ve been able to discover ever more clearly in the last 6 months, if not this whole last year with my dad passing away…..is just how much I truly appreciate and value being “just” wife and mom!

There is such a reward and treasure in knowing you are able to be that vessel for God to another human being in a very intimate way, day in and day out.

That I am in cooperation with God in forming and molding the next generation through my daughter.  It is humbling to know I can empower and encourage my husband to go out into the world to lead his team, to do what he needs to do and he knows he doesn’t have to worry about anything on the homefront because I’ve got his back….or we like to say in our house, “I’ve got his six!”…lol…

And in this season of my life, God is calling me to pursue my writing and to help build our parishes library ministry.  BUT….to hold to these loosely as I have held to every other endeavor loosely because my FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT vocation and calling is WIFE AND MOTHER!

I honestly don’t know if I would have truly come to the fullness of this appreciation if I hadn’t lost my dad this last year.  

The last 2 years I was allowing myself to become consumed with a business endeavor… that yes God called me into but I started to basically tell Him how it was supposed to look and not listen to how He wanted it to go….because I wasn’t taking as much time to sit silently with  Him.  I wasn’t practicing Lectio Divina.

When some pivotal moments took place this summer….the scales were removed from my eyes and I was able to clearly see when and how I veered from what He was asking of me.  And as I have been able to have more and more distance from that experience I am able to settle more and more into remembering how much I LOVE BEING “JUST” WIFE AND MOTHER!

I may not ever make millions of dollars being “just” a mom and wife….but oh how I truly feel like the richest woman on the planet….I AM ABUNDANTLY BLESSED.

In the business world, the term “abundance” is so often associated with money.  And there is always this in a way “beating yourself up” as having a “lack of abundance” mindset if you aren’t trying to pursue millions of dollars.  But I think we miss the mark in realizing that abundance is a descriptor word.  I can be abundant in shoes, abundant in my pantry….and I can be abundant in my family life….and that is what I am!!

I am abundantly blessed to have a husband….who may from time to time in our 26 plus years of marriage….does not always understand why I don’t desire to pursue crazy business deals….or careers…..he may not always understand it but I know he appreciates me….and he loves that I make sure his meals are packed for his day….that he has a hot dinner to sit down to at the table….that we go for daily walks either in the morning or the evening…and that I tend to our relationship with the same vigor as some tend to their jobs.

I think he also appreciates that I took the time years ago to understand his top love languages, which are time and service, therefore my serving him well in our household and taking the time to tend to our marriage and relationship means more to him than even he realizes.

I know that he appreciates that we aren’t running around in different directions, as we have before in the past, that I am truly present for him when he gets home at the end of a busy day.

Even though service and time are not my love languages it truly does fill up my cup when I know I am loving him well…..to know that I am living out my gifts and talents of coaching, mentoring, writing, speaking, leading my family so they can best live out their gifts and talents to the world.  

I know I was beautifully wonderfully made for this….and I am able to fully embrace this and not feel ashamed or embarrassed about loving being “just” a wife and mother.

What are you so passionate about that you are ready to embrace God’s will for your life and love who you are in that calling….to truly love the skin you are in!?

Hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 😉


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