Healthy Generosity

Yesterday was GIVING TUESDAY….

There is sooo much science behind generosity and giving that I could write and share and connect you to the data and sources all of next year and still not run out of evidence…lol…

But instead, I am going to just get right to the point of my top favorite places to give to….whether it is monetarily, goods, or time….


HOPE:  doTERRA has an oil called HOPE…100% of the proceeds go to supporting O.U.R (Operation Underground Railroad).  Besides that I already loved essential oils, this partnering and supporting O.U.R is in this amazing way is why I got started in educating and supporting others on their oils journey.  CLICK HERE to purchase your own HOPE oil and be part of the change in rescuing women & children from human/sex trafficking.  ***As an added bonus….when you purchase this oil I will add you to my private Facebook group where I support clients on their wellness journey with essential oils.  This is normally a private group ONLY for clients BUT I am sooo passionate about this oil and the cause that I am not even asking you to enroll with a doTERRA membership.  Just use this link to purchase the oil and you’ll be in! ***Once purchased.. email me back so I can make sure I have your info to invite you to the FB group!***

***Already have a membership? Let me know and I will add you to our oils family!!!

***Already part of my oils family? Let me know you purchased the HOPE OIL and I will send you a special something in snail mail ;)!!!

Key2Free:  If you think I am passionate about the rescue aspect of human trafficking I am just as passionate about the healing process!  When I moved to Georgetown 4 ½ years ago I discovered Key2Free and absolutely fell in love with these ladies who are passionate about aftercare and helping these women heal and learn how to truly live life!  I had the privilege for a period of time to volunteer with helping teach these women coping skills.  Check out this website to learn how you can get involved and/or donate!

We Are Not Broken:  When I met Nick, the founder of We Are Not Broken, I just knew I had to know more about her and her inspiration for this amazing non-profit that is all about reminding women just how absolutely beautiful they are JUST AS THEY ARE!  I am honored to call her a friend.  I have watched her grow this dream in the last 4 plus years and I get so excited for her and all the women she helps with giving them a voice and an experience that truly reminds them how absolutely beautifully wonderfully made they are!  Learn more about WANB here!

I could list soo many more that I am super passionate about but I would have to say these are truly my TOP 3.  It is truly about raising women up…reminding them how beautifully wonderfully made they are…and helping them overcome some of the ugliest traumas….

To learn more about some of the other entities and women I am passionate about supporting and connecting others to… can check out my blogs tab PASSIONS WITH A PURPOSE and WARRIOR WOMEN tab.

Have a gloriously blessed week.  And as always please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know how I can best serve and support you!

Hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 😉


SHE WHO IS – I am super excited to be an Ambassador for such an amazing entity that is truly about lifting women up with God as our foundation! Use my PERSONAL LINK HERE…..and you are not only clothing yourself with some comfy encouraging apparel, you are also supporting an amazing entity such as SHE WHO IS, AND you are supporting my BLOG!

GLOBAL HEALING – I partnered with this amazing company because the founder understands the importance of clean sourcing for our supplements and tinctures. He also understands the mind, body, soul, spirit connection to our health. Get started today with THIS LINK to save yourself on your amazing health options! My two favorite bundles are the IMMUNE BOOST BUNDLE (it has ALL the support your body is needing and the recommended vitamins that doctors are talking about due to the current “environment” of health concerns!). I also use the THYROID HEALTH KIT! Again by using MY LINK you not only will save yourself money on high-quality supplements to support your health but you are also supporting my BLOG! 

OIL LIFE – I have loved getting resources and tools to use with my essential oils for myself personally and for clients from this company for years. I am honored to share about them and to encourage you to use THIS LINK to not only support your essential oil journey but to also support this blog! Thank you ;)….

DoTERRA – And of course, if you are ready to start your own Healing Journey with Essential oils…I would be honored to be your gal….your advocate…your coach!  CLICK HERE to get started today!

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