The Thyroid Ups & Downs 

It can be challenging to have a thyroid that is “talking” to you all the time.  Especially when you are healing with and from dysmorphia.

Let me explain…

Dysmorphia is all about not loving…I mean truly not loving….what you see in the mirror…it can be debilitating.  It can lead to other disorders….ie-eating….and truly more….

Then you throw in a dysfunctioning Thyroid… that depending on what is going on will swing the pendulum into low or high…..meaning you are holding and gaining weight NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO….or you are burning up muscle and becoming skeletal and looking like you have either an eating disorder or drug habit.

Now let’s throw in the fun mix that part of your Thyroid issues has to do with Hashimotos and an adrenal gland that was burned out years ago and so if you push too hard about anything you truly will have more health havoc than you have bargained for.

AND….when you see other women (wellness coaches, fitness coaches, weight loss “experts”)…..showing “before & after’s”…..trying to convince you their product is the next best thing….or if you would “only eat this way” or “do this or that” you would lose the weight…..

I get it….they think they are encouraging women to “lose weight”…..because after all we are after that “look”…..the “parts”….not the “whole”….

BUT…..itt all sends the message that YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH…..YOU ARE NOT BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE!  And that is horrible.  

We often focus too much on the outward appearance…the parts….that it distorts the relationship with God and with self.

I eat super clean…..I yes partake in alcohol from time to time.  But those who know me know I am a “real food” gal.  I don’t eat gluten and most grains….I will partake in rice or oats from time to time.  I avoid inflammatory foods….ie: sugar, dairy, grains, corn, yucky oils, processed, etc……I eat clean…..

Yet…..this last year between the stress of Covid…business endeavors going in a different direction…..the death of my dad….my thyroid….ie the hub for my hormones have decided to rebel….

This means I am carrying a bit more weight than I would like to….and honestly I wouldn’t care except I know my inflammation is high and I hurt and ache…..

Now this in the past would have triggered the dysmorphia….and I am not saying it isn’t trying to…..what I am saying is that because I have come sooo far with my relationship with God and my body….I KNOW this is just a season…..

I KNOW that God will help me figure it all out and I will be at my “fighting weight” once again when I get to the root cause.  Which by the way if you haven’t figured it out by now….the root cause is ALWAYS a combination of physical and emotional…..then through in mental and spiritual….well you have a cocktail that requires love, patience, mercy, kindness….oh heck all the fruits of the spirit!

What I do know right now is I AM NOT GOING TO HIDE IN SHAME….because I have nothing to be ashamed about!  I have a beautiful body that God made.  And it doesn’t matter what it looks like.  And with that truth, I can overcome whatever else is going on within my body to conquer the health challenges: mind, body, soul, spirit.

So my challenge for you as we enter into the holidays…and then into the New Year….disconnect….walk away….from any media or even friends/family that has you believing you are not enough just as you are.  

Instead….if you are truly wanting to address your health because your weight just doesn’t feel right….GET TO THE ROOT CAUSE OF IT…..take it to the Lord….have Him help and direct you to the professionals and support you need to truly conquer your whole health challenges.

As always remember you are beautifully wonderfully made….you are enough….love the skin you are in!!

Hugs and prayers,


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