What does the scale really tell us?

We are entering into Holiday season….Thanksgiving…..Christmas Parties….Christmas Eve….Christmas Day…..New Year’s Eve….New Years Day…..

And we are inevitably going to enter into a cycle of excess and punishment….excess and punishment….excess and punishment…I know I have been there….

And it was all measured by what the scale told me the next day…..even if I hadn’t participated in excess the night before….if the scale didn’t give me the number I wanted….I desired…..I coveted……I HATED MYSELF…..I loathed myself…..and I PUNISHED MYSELF.

But what does that number REALLY TELL ME?

Nothing.  No….I am serious it doesn’t tell us anything….think about it?

Does that number tell you how much of it is muscle?

Does that number tell you how much of it is bone?

Does that number tell you how much of it is body fat?

Does that number tell you how much water you are retaining?

How your liver is doing?

Where your hormones are?

What about does that number tell you how you are doing emotionally?

No….the answer is no to all of the above.

What that number does tell you is: how to be mean to yourself…..it tells you whether you are going to feel beautiful and worthy of being loved that day!

What a horrible cycle!

What I have learned is IF I REALLY WANT DATA to measure my health to help me set goals, to honor my body….I have tests actually done and I evaluate how I have been treating my body….as well as HOW DO I FEEL IN MY CLOTHING!?

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

Freedom from body distortions doesn’t come easy.  It takes constant work.  And for me, one of those is NOT using the scale to give me data.  Some may say but the scale doesn’t trigger them… it is just data.  But I will ask any of you to re-read the questions above is it giving you any of that data.  NO.

So I encourage you to seek out the means, professionals,  and ways to collect that data to help you obtain your HEALTH GOALS….not scale goals.

I remember when I was first on the journey of truly wanting to heal from the distortions and lies I believed about my body and trying always to get just 5 more pounds lighter…..cause that would make me loveable….right?….anyhoo….as I was healing I heard about a blogger that had the most profound story that shifted my thinking into the right direction of my true healing.

This blogger had released a bunch of weight….

I am going to digress for just a moment…think about what I said….I didn’t say lost or lose weight.  I said released weight.  When we lose our keys we try to find them.  We lose our favorite sock we fight tooth and nail to see if it is behind the washer or dryer.  We come out of the store and feel lost in where we parked we may panic thinking we are losing our mind…..and NO ONE WANTS THAT!

So releasing weight is truly what we are striving for because after all, we want to release all those toxins….release those emotions….release the inflammation….release the baggage that is holding us down….and WE DONT WANT IT BACK!

So back to this blogger…..she had released a bunch of weight.  She was feeling great.  Her health numbers were rocking it.  Her health was amazing.  She was an avid weight lifter.  She started to share on social media how she was setting a goal to drop two pants sizes but NOT lose or release weight BUT to actually GAIN WEIGHT!

Her followers were up in a tizzy for this.  She actually had people stop following her.  That’s how crazy and attached we as a society are to what that scale has to say.  

You know what?  She accomplished her goal.  She went down 2 pants sizes and GAINED 20 POUNDS OF MUSCLE!  Now that is data.  That is true data.  So by all means use the scale if it doesn’t mucky with the brain….but remember it truly only gives you the smallest piece of the puzzle…therefore is it even worth using it?!

So as I enter into the holiday season instead of saying “oh I can’t eat that” and fear that it is going to put numbers on that scale….I instead think…..is this gathering/get together worth partaking in xyz or is it going to derail me from my health goals?  Or is it worth the slight side step because I haven’t seen these friends and celebrated with them for a really long time? 

Now I am not saying that food and drink are the only way to celebrate with friends you haven’t seen in a really long time.  But even Christ himself says there is a time for fasting and a time for feasting.  Think about the ultimate celebration….the last supper….there was bread, wine, amazing food I imagine.  And it wasn’t a time to say “oh no I’m not going to have that right now cause I am fasting”…

I’m not saying that we should indulge and give ourselves permission to just have a free for all for the next 40 days.  And I am also not saying that if we have real health allergies/sensitivities or concerns to stay away from particular foods or drinks then we need to be mindful of how we take care of this temple God has entrusted us to.  What I am saying is we have Jesus as a beautiful example of balance.  Of true balance!

There is freedom in that mindfulness.  There is freedom in knowing that the scale doesn’t truly tell me how I want to feel and what my health really looks like.  So therefore it shouldn’t dictate how I approach my nutritional needs and my celebration moments.

What is a better measuring stick for me is sitting still with God each morning….and throughout the day continually having conversations with Him about …..what are my health goals….and why?  How can I reach them without it adding mucky to my mind, heart, and soul….so that I don’t slip back into a distorted relationship with food and my body.  Because that is a space I don’t want to go back to.  And I hope you don’t either.  There isn’t freedom in that… only bondage.

Here is to an amazing week full of walking goals, yummy celebration goals on Thanksgiving, and family game time!

What are your holiday goals!?

Remember you are beautifully wonderfully made…..so love the skin you are in!

Many hugs, prayers, and blessings always,

Kelly 😉

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