Hello Woman…

This week I have a hodgepodge of things I want to share with you that has been pressing on my heart!  The only way we can TRULY be healthy is to continually CONNECT with how WHOLE health IS about our mind, body, soul, and spirit.  

And as we enter into the holiday season EVERY PART of our health is even more important to nourish and nurture!

With that being said here are my tops picks this week for…..


Mind:  It seems like the ability to have true debate, healthy conversations, using critical thinking, has been diminishing over the last 10 years (for me anyway)…..BUT even more so these last 2 years!  It has truly SHOCKED me how we are losing our humanity of a true healthy critical thinking debate.  Mark Mallett, one of my absolute favorite bloggers, is starting a “Wait a Minute” with critical thinking in mind.  Check out THIS POST to learn more about why he felt called to do this.  And how his investigative journalist background is coming back into the forefront of his ministry.  

Speaking of critical thinking…this article at THE DEFENDER: CHILDREN’S HEALTH DEFENSE NEWS & VIEWS….is super compelling in how this scientist is willing to lose his job by speaking the truth about what IS science and what IS NOT science.

Body:  Oh. My. Goodness!!!  I have been absolutely GEEKING out on this BATTLE READY website that a friend introduced to me!  He has an EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS COURSE that looks absolutely amazing!  I am blessed to have a hubby that covers almost all the topics within the course, and then I fill in the gaps….lol….but I absolutely love how this gentleman is truly helping others prepare mind, body, soul in light of what has been going on in the world!

***On a lighter note ;)…..I love THIS SITE with TEXAS made food choices!  Yum and fun!!!

Let’s get into the holiday cheer with Wassail!  It is a yummy warming holiday drink!

Soul:  I ALWAYS have anywhere from 10-20 books going at once!  It is crazy, I know, but I just can’t help it!  BOOKS TRULY FILL UP MY SOUL!  One of the newest books that I added to my reading list this last week was “You Are Enough: What Women of the Bible Teach You About Your Mission and Worth” 

Spirit: How is your Christmas spirit?  I know we haven’t had Thanksgiving yet…BUT if you’re anything like me you would kinda like to start getting your CHRISTMAS WISH LIST going!  START SHOPPING WITH ME HERE!

Finally, a quick reminder:   I co-created a “Stay Healthy Action Plan” tri-fold with a dear friend.  This tri-fold has action steps of what to do “if”…..as well as preventative tips that have been shared by many of the leading renowned docs who are leading this fight of helping us remember our own immune system is our best defense.   Some of the info that is in the “if” section pertains to action steps to do if living in/around the Georgetown Texas area…..but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be adapted to the area you live in.

If you would like a copy of this tri-fold I would love to mail it to you for FREE..please just message me!!!

Along with the tri-fold I will send you a prayer card and a handwritten note.

***I wanted to share that I am going to start posting 2 times a week! One of the postings will be just like this…giving a mind, body, soul, spirit perspective on our health journey. And the other posting will be what my personal journey is currently looking like! How I continue to heal and LOVE THE SKIN THAT I AM IN!

Have a gloriously blessed week. 


Hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 😉


SHE WHO IS – I am super excited to be an Ambassador for such an amazing entity that is truly about lifting women up with God as our foundation! Use my PERSONAL LINK HERE…..and you are not only clothing yourself with some comfy encouraging apparel, you are also supporting an amazing entity such as SHE WHO IS, AND you are supporting this BLOG!

GLOBAL HEALING – I partnered with this amazing company because the founder understands the importance of clean sourcing for our supplements and tinctures. He also understands the mind, body, soul, spirit connection to our health. Get started today with THIS LINK to save yourself on your amazing health options! My two favorite bundles are the IMMUNE BOOST BUNDLE (it has ALL the support your body is needing and the recommended vitamins that doctors are talking about due to the current “environment” of health concerns!). I also use the THYROID HEALTH KIT! Again by using MY LINK you not only will save yourself money on high-quality supplements to support your health but you are also supporting this BLOG!

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