Are Angels & Saints Cards harmful?

Today we celebrate All Saints Day in the Catholic Church.  Each year I try to spend time learning and reading about new and different saints I didn’t know about the year before.  The saints that were obscure but made such a profound impact on the lives around them.

For me learning about the saints is just another way to strengthen my own armor in loving myself.  It is another way for me to remember that I am uniquely and beautifully made because after all there are more saints we can count and they are all uniquely made.  I especially love reading about the young women who stood up for their virtue who literally died for their virtue.  Talk about loving the skin you are in!


Over the course of the last 5 plus years, the topic of Angel Cards has come up multiple times in my world of holistic health. Let’s not confuse these types of cards with prayer cards. Cards that will have a saint and a prayer on them. These are different cards.

The first time Angel Cards came up…..I truly got a chill up my spine because I just knew there was more to it than just what many believe to be “innocent”.  After all, they are cards that are about Angels and Saints how can it possibly be bad.

Now the Bible makes it super clear about divination, sorcery, medium, etc.   And it can seem confusing because we are all called to be a Prophet, Priest, King.

Over 5 years ago I wasn’t able to really find a whole lot that made it clear that these cards are not a good thing for Christians to delve into.  Tarot cards are super clear!!!  They are not to be played with.  These types of cards are door openers to entities, energies, evil that we don’t want to mess around with.

So when it was coming up again….and pressing on my heart to research again….I was asking God to direct me in a way that brings about clear and concise truth.

What was amazing was I discovered that the woman who created these cards had a HUGE conversion a few years back and speaks STRONGLY AGAINST HER OWN CARDS.

She talks about how any of these types of cards are duping Christians into believing they are safe to use them.  That too many Christians are being persuaded and seduced by the New Age and non-Christian practices.

Being part of the holistic health world, it can get really confusing sometimes of what is something that is truly from God (plants, herbs, stones, animals, air, fire, wind, etc) and what is a man-made practice that was inspired by God and has been distorted.  Or are there practices that may have a neutral foundation thus not Christian but not pagan either…..and can it be used for good?

But when you know something has been created with the intent to not be used for and with God then a person has to question…. Is it even redeemable?   

My thoughts are.. it can’t possibly be redeemable.  And even if it were….why would we want to delve into something that has a history of muck when we can start with a tool or a practice that was rooted with God from the very beginning.

The world seems to be getting more and more confusing…..if we let it.  For me, I like to get back to some of my favorite female saints.  These saints keep me grounded in my love for God.  My trust in Him.  And knowing that I am beautifully wonderfully made.

These saints are:

St. Hildegard – she is truly about holistic health.  So anytime I have a question about energy health I go to her writings.

St. Therese (the little flower) – she reminds me to keep it simple.

St. Mother Teresa – she reminds me we can always love more….we can always serve and love.

St. Mary Magdalene – she reminds me that I can have as tainted of a past full of trauma’s and poor choices…..but that I AM STILL GODS CHILD and He absolutely loves me exactly as I am!

Mary – She is the perfect example to me for loving the skin that I am in!

Take a moment today to learn more about the Saints….you might be surprised at how they too struggled with sooo many of the same struggles we do.  They can be a source of light and hope.  And reminding us to lean on God for our insight for our hope… for our light… not on cards.

May your day and week be filled with so much joy and peace.

Hugs and blessings always,

Kelly 🙂

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