101 days until 2022!

More real and raw going on…lol…

I woke up this morning knowing I wasn’t in the right head space to go on social media for a video. I usually do one every Tuesday mornings.

Yes I could’ve done some digging deep, come on and be bubbly and encouraging….

But I didn’t want to…..I’m in a space and season where I want to be 100% authentic even if it means I’m sharing my not so great days.

Too many of us come on only sharing the rosy….only sharing the positive….or those who are on platforms to be inflammatory well they only say triggering things….

But we don’t live in a bubble…..even people like me who is often referred to as “walking sunshine”…..there are times we even can’t cheer our own selves up.

There is this fallacy that those of us who are always bright and sunny (especially when we have built our coaching on helping others transform their mind and their thoughts)…..there is this misconception that we don’t have down days….

Or that if we share about it we are being either unprofessional or how can we coach someone on transforming those thoughts about their well-being and health if we aren’t able to transform our thoughts all the time.

That doesn’t give us room for growth…..for learning side by side….and for being human.

I’ve never actually claimed to be an expert in my field or in my life…..quite the contrary…..I started pursuing supporting and serving women over 20 years ago with the whole platform/ foundation of being vulnerable and real about what I had gone through that was relatable or was currently going through.

And it doesn’t matter how many times it has shifted how I serve women (personal training, fertility charting/appreciation, Bible studies, empowerment workshops, body/food coaching, EFT, Essential oils…my blog…the list goes on)….I was always be real and share how even in the midst of really heavy or dark or overwhelming seasons God is ALWAYS there with us. He gives us so many tools to support ourselves with. But most important He gives us Himself.

This had me realizing…we have 101 days left of this year!

Journey with me during this last 101 days. Don’t put off making changes, shifts, discoveries in your life til January 1st.

Grab a composition notebook. They have 100 pages in them. Put at the top of each page the day and date. Take the time today and tomorrow to really write it all out. On the inside of the cover flesh out what your want to accomplish the last 100 days of the year.

Whether you’re want to track your food relationship better, your exercise habits, your thoughts, your growing in your faith.

Give yourself some actionable and measurable thoughts.

This will allow you to see your progress.

And each day you’re going to be raw and real on the page.

You’re not going to just write I did xyz workout and ate abc…..you’re going to talk about how you felt….why you did or didn’t do something.

And when you feel like you’re failing….you’re going to write notes and thoughts to God asking Him to help you understand xyz.

And when you have wins in an area you’re going to write notes of thanksgiving to Him.

Let’s finish out 2021 being the best version of ourselves…of loving the skin we are in just a little bit better!!

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