I’m pursuing simplicity!

As I’ve entered into this season of change…..this quote from St. Teresa of Avila brings me even more comfort.

This is in anything we are doing…

Wanting to dial in our health?

Grow closer to God and we will discover the simple solutions.

Wanting to grow in business?

Grow closer to God walk away from stuff that distracts us from the big picture of heaven and pulls us away from Him; then we will discover how simple the solutions will start presenting themselves.

Want to grow in faith?

Definitely spend more time with Him and we will discover the narrow path is truly simpler and less messy.

This had me thinking how I’ve always had a pretty good relationship with God. This is not a brag. This is a “just is” fact.

But over the last year I’ve been learning how in any relationship we do need to continue to work on it because it can get stale. We can take the other person for granted.

When my dad died at the end of December I never once felt like God abandoned me.

And as I’ve been digging into life decisions and challenges I’ve known He is right there beside me.


I wasn’t aiming as high or intense in my relationship with Him as I could be…. as I wanted to be.

I was allowing the distractions of the world junk….business….and even my dad to keep my relationship with God the same rather than digging in deeper.

What is amazing about our awesome God is that He waits patiently for us and gives us opportunities or permits situations to gently and lovingly remind us we need to keep pursuing Him because that is where true happiness and peace is at.

So today I’m reminding myself that I was getting lazy in pursuing Him. I was pursuing things of this world that in the big picture of my soul aren’t going to serve me. And the fact that I’m pursuing Him and listening to His voice not others voices I WILL get answers about health, about business, about being that intentional disciple and leading others to Him.

These are just my Sunday thoughts and reflections.

Many blessings and hugs always,

Kelly 😘

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