St. Hildegard

Yesterday….SEPTEMBER 17….was the feast day of St. Hildegard….

If you’re not Catholic this means absolutely nothing to you…lol…and that’s okay!

For us Catholics we look to Saints as examples of living out our faith to draw nearer to God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

They are kind of like a mentor or a hero we can go to for encouragement and guidance.

There are Saints for every passion, every gift, every challenge. So we can learn from them for anything specific.

So back to St. Hildegard….

She was a mystic…an artist….a writer…the first holistic health healer/practitioner… activist…a music composer….

She mentored to important leaders of her time…to bishops and more….

She understood the beauty of our sexuality and taught on it….

And her holistic health of teaching about plants, animals, herbs, nature, stones…..all of that was to help us understand the connection of our physical and emotional health….And even how our sins effect our health. Not in a judgment way but a matter of fact way.

She was truly a woman before her time….born about 1098…..they aren’t entirely sure her exact birthday.

But….her teachings get distorted and hijacked by non-Christians…..or get misunderstood by other believers.

I relate to her in so many ways because of her array of gifts…and how she didn’t just focus on her writing or her art…..

She let God lead her…..

I can only imagine what it might have been in her mind writing and teaching about herbs in the morning….

And maybe mentoring a leader in the afternoon….

Or teaching about sexuality one day…..and having visions to be put into art the next…..

I think I relate to her because I too don’t feel called to just pigeon hole myself to one thing…..but instead say “Lord how do you want to use me today? Which of my gifts and talents are going to bring the most glory to you this day? This week? This season?….is it a combo or just one of them?…..what ever it is….your will be done!”

What season are you in with your gifts and talents?! Are you feeling called to use one of them or multiple of them at once?!

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