Weary Wednesday: Yellow Star comparison…

What is the difference between a Yellow Star and a Vaccine Passport? 82 years

This last 18 months has me weeping….kicking…screaming….and retreating….all in the same moments and breath!

I don’t even know where to began….

Every time I read something or watch something or even pray I feel compelled to want to write about it…..and then there are soooo many thoughts that I don’t know where to begin that I don’t write…

I find myself feeling like Jekyll and Hyde…..meaning….do I share about the horrific unscientific health inaccuracies going on….or do I share about the obvious spiritual warfare going on….

Why do we as a society….as a world…as people not see the parallels to the holocaust?

Why do we as thinking people not see that if we teach and talk about the data that causes SIDS is similar to wearing a mask?

Why do we as people of God are so willing to believe and trust government even when it doesn’t make sense and it has us walk in fear?

Why are we willing to put something in our body that has not truly gone through the test and trials of true science?

Why are we willing from a faithful Christian point of view be willing to overlook the moral ramifications of how that substance was derived?

I just don’t understand the world we are currently living in. And maybe that is why I don’t know which direction to even write.

I do know I find myself pulling more away from trying to pursue business endeavors and pursue nourishing my soul.

Making sure I am super sharp with my focus on Heaven and how to pursue it. How do I make sure I am truly putting God first.

That I am loving Him and following the path He has called me to. That I am using my gifts and talents to bring others to Him and not for my pocketbook.

These are the ponders of a warrior woman on this later weary Wednesday evening!

many blessings always and prayers always,

Kelly 😉

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