Prayer & Action with Saints John & Joan

“Never give up prayer, and should you find dryness and difficulty, persevere in it for this very reason. God often desires to see what love your soul has, and love is not tried by ease and satisfaction.”

— St. John of the Cross

This quote struck me as I reflect on how often do we want a quick fix in life?

A quick fix with our eating habits?

A quick fix with our exercise habits?

We don’t want anything in life to be difficult. We have instant shopping options.

Heck even I want the insanity of the last 18 months to go away!!!

But that is not how this amazing life works.

Here is something I often ponder on…in most situations we are the cause of a problem or an issue. So if we are the cause we also have the solution or the answer within us. Now some may say it’s not right to say that or fair because a person doesn’t cause a disease to enter their body or for an evil act to happen to them.

So let’s look at the disease part first.

More than likely there were choices we made along the way (nutritional, environment, emotional) that over the course of time built up and when we didn’t address it our body said enough. And now I am going to force you to address it.

This is what happened when I had a thyroid/adrenal storm/crash.

Now on the account of being touched by evil.


But what in our life, surrounding our life, were we unaware of that possibly attracted it. This includes generational stuff. And there is even some interesting scientific evidence behind this.

And this is where I think personally why GOD is key in our journey’s!

Because if I have the power within me to have a solution…..where did that power come from?

And how can I lean more on HIM to ensure I am seeking His guidance and will in a situation….especially when it comes to healing or overcoming a challenge!

Rather than trying to get to the root cause of say inflammation on my own….why wouldn’t I go to Him for some guidance. Why wouldn’t I sit still and reflect on what choices have I made (nutritionally, emotionally, physically) that could be causing the inflammation and ask HIM to help me have the strength and wisdom to get to the root.

Because this is the biggie of it all… we aren’t perfect…..we will continue to “fail” ourselves and beat ourselves up without HIM. But with HIM….He gives us grace so it is easier to then learn how to give our own selves grace. And then the healing and hope can really take place! The ah ha’s to our challenge will “pop” into our head because we are tuned into HIM!

I am so grateful for my relationship with God. It truly is what gets me through the frustrations of what is going on in the world today. It is what gives me hope in my healing journey. And it is what reminds me that I was not made for this world anyways. My true home is heaven and this is just a momentary pitstop!

So if you find yourself struggling with something….reflect on “where is my prayer life at?” has it waned? Is it dry? Am I truly spending time with God or is it just a check off box on your to-do list?

Hugs and blessings aways!

Kelly 🙂

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