What does it mean to be a Christian?

Oh how my heart breaks at what is going on in the world! It has me reflecting and realizing even more, how my little personal challenges are TRULY NOTHING compared to the TRUE persecutions and TYRANNY in other areas of the world!

Yet I would be naive to think that I am TOTALLY protected here in the United States.

This whole last 18 months has had me thinking more and more about all of this.

I personally don’t stay plugged into the news from a political and world awareness point of view. I have specific friends who keep me up to date on the state of the world.

What I stay plugged into is how things are effecting us spiritually and how much is GOD weeping on what is going on with HIS children.

He made us for so much more than what is going on.

It has had me also reflecting a great about where are my gifts and talents and how can they best be utilized in the world of today.

What are my passions and desires of today.

We all go through seasons.

I think that is part of why this blog is forever changing and flowing.

Heck it started out me writing about books that I was passionate about or having read and wanted to share about them.

Then is actually shifted into writing about how current events effect our Christian walk.

As I started to get back into ministry and other business endeavors I shared about that.

But one thing has always been the same here….me sharing my journey of life in hopes that it will shine light to those around me…..to connect with others!

After all we were made for community….for connecting.

But the first person (after God) that we need to connect with is ourselves.

If we don’t connect with who we are and what are our why, our passions, our gifts, our drive…..then how can we connect with others!?

BUT….too often we think it has to be done separate. And life just doesn’t work that way. We have to be figuring it out at the same time.

For example……I teach often about how to CONNECT WITH & LOVE THE SKIN WE ARE IN…..if I waited to provide workshops or presentations on “loving the skin you are in” until I have fully connected with my skin and truly loved myself 100% of the time…..well I would never get up and present or motivate or inspire anyone on this subject. BECAUSE I am still figuring it out! I am not perfect. And I never will be! Thank you JESUS for that! Why….because that means I get to continue to go to Him to remind me HOW BEAUTIFULLY WONDERFULLY MADE I AM!!!

And that isn’t to hold us back…it is to help us to remember to TAKE EVERYTHING TO HIM!

God didn’t make us because He had to….but because He wanted to!!! HE LOVES US!!! And He wants us to come to Him, bring things to Him, TRUST HIM with everything!

Which then brings me back to the beginning of what does it mean to be Christian?

This is something I have always reflected on. Knowing that, when I encounter someone I could be the “only bible they have ever read”…..thus how well am I truly walking my faith, biblical teaching, and Christ love!?

That includes standing up and saying I AM CHRISTIAN!

I have always reflected on those who are persecuted for their faith. Those who have said YES I AM A CHRISTIAN and have been martyred for it. WOULD I BE STRONG ENOUGH TO DO THAT? We all want to believe we would be, yet are we.

Well as we turned the corner into 2020 and entered into the spring of chaos these very thoughts flashed through my head. Actually if I am super honest the holocaust is what flashed in my head. There was a very select few who I shared this with. Of these there were a couple who thought I might be over thinking it or reading too much into it.

Yet here we are…..18 months later….and I feel it even stronger. I know there is a purification going on. There is so much going on spiritually in this world.

What gives me great strength, courage, and peace is knowing that GOD KNEW when He breathed life into me that I would be alive for this moment in time. That I was meant for this time in history. It was no accident. And it wasn’t so much as to what I can do or be in this time in history BUT HOW IS IT GOING TO BRING ME CLOSER TO HIM!?

So on this day I am going to reflect on how I can best love the skin I am in…..to truly love myself as God calls us to…..and if there was a knock on my door today asking me if I am a Christian how loud will I say YES!?

Hugs and prayers always!

Kelly 🙂

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