300 Swings!

I started a 300 kettlebell swings challenge this week!

The goal is to accomplish 300 swings in a workout session within the month. You can break them up as much as you want.

Knowing I was not new to kettlebell swings I can pretty easily do 100 in a workout I decided that from the get go I was going to do 300 right off the bat. And the challenge would be how many breaks would I have to make.

Today I did 5 sets of 60 swings with jumping jacks between.

Let me tell you why I love kettlebells…..

The very top reason for me is I receive very minimal inflammation in the sore days with kettlebells. And the soreness is very little for me…..even when I go heavy…..heavy for me is a 30-35 pound kettlebell. And that very rarely and not for my swings…

Back on track and my point…..when you deal with regular inflammation….and all autoimmune conditions have some degree of inflammation….if you think about it, it’s the body reacting to something…..ie getting inflamed…..

I love working out but I despise hurting…..it use to not be a big deal to me….but the more I learn to honor my body the more I realize that silly motto of “no pain no gain” just isn’t true!

I can gain strength…..
I can gain muscle….
I can gain health…..

WithOUT pain!

But here is the thing ladies just because I love kettlebells doesn’t mean it is for everyone.

Find the exercise and movement that will encourage you to gain strength and confidence and not feel pain!

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