We are more than our physical body!!!

Something has been perplexing me recently.

The mixed messaging that some influential women and loving the skin we are in!

It is summer time and I get it….influencers….wellness coaches…..and others…..want to encourage women as they share and show pictures of their health goals……but what do our physical changes have really to do with our true health changes?!

I was just sharing the other week in class about how the scale doesn’t tell us if we are having gut issues…..inflammation….brain fog….sleep problems…..

All the same scale tells us is a number! Heck it doesn’t even tell us if we lost much earned muscle mass or gained body fat because we are yo-yo-ing all in hopes to get to a number!!!

And the “new” fit body we share on social media…..all it says to our subconscious is we weren’t good enough before……

And worse it tells others it’s okay to comment on your physical body…..to objectify your…..rather than valuing you for your WHOLE person!!!

Be the change….the influence…..and lift other women up without a physical focus!

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