Thoughtful Thursday: Before & After Pictures

I’ve been seeing soooo many before and after pictures recently on social media!

And I know why….it’s summer time and we are obsessed with obtaining that “perfect” body!

But we aren’t connecting with our soul when we do this!

What is the “drug” we are getting from it?
I’m serious!
How is it truly serving us?!

Does it truly reflect our health?!

Does it mean we are sleeping better…
Does it mean our gut is healthy…
Does it mean we have no aches and pains…..
Does it mean we stop bullying ourselves in the mirror…..


All it says is “look at me PHYSICALLY”…..don’t get to know my mind, my heart, my soul…..just get to know my body……

This then creates your own mental chatter because it pigeon holes you into only being a body…..and you are sooo much more than your body!

Yes we are to honor this temple but ripped abs might not be the way to honor this temple!

Being comfortable in your own skin and loving who you are inside and out is honoring this temple!

So next time you go to post a before and after picture…..anything that is just focusing on your physical appearance…..think, “Does this really reflect my whole health? What benefit am I getting from this?”

Here is to another thoughtful Thursday!
Hugs and blessings always!

Kelly 😘

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