It has been a while since I have hopped on and sent you an update….a tip….a video…I APPRECIATE YOUR PATIENCE!!!

These last 14-16 months have been a whirlwind of new….change…growing pains….and yet sooo much beauty.
Having partnered up with Christina Sessums of Purely Simple Organic Living, who is a Doctor of Naturopathy, has been amazing yet lots of learning curves in what all it entails to work with an ND. Which has pulled me away from many of the different consistent practices I had put into place for just the Oils Education part of my coaching practice. I have missed bringing you weekly videos/facebook lives, tips, blog posts and so much more.

BUT…..I have gained so much more knowledge, education, and tools to better serve and support each and every platform and client!

So what I wanted to share with you today is that weekly videos and/or Facebook lives will be coming back in May!!!

Some changes you are going to notice is that my coaching and education practice isn’t going to be centered on just Essential Oils.

I still find Essential Oils are an amazingly valuable tool and support to have for your whole health (mind, body, soul, spirit)…..but it is not the only tool.….which if you have ever attended any of my workshops in the past you knew that I didn’t just focus on Essential Oils… was the vehicle to help support the message of whole health!

Now I STILL feel the quality is VITAL and I DO STILL BELIEVE DOTERRA is the best….lol….so I WILL CONTINUE the Essential Oil Support, education,  private Facebook Group, and tribe… exclusively with me…..that is STILL available!!

But now I am turning my focus to my 1st passion: to TRANSFORM our psychology…..our mindset….around our health!

I have for years used TOB (Theology of the Body) and St. Hildegard (a woman WAY before her time….I would boldly say the 1st true holistic practitioner/coach)… the foundation of my coaching….and honestly my life.

But now I am bringing it more to the forefront.

I will be focusing on the power of our mind first….and understanding the true connection of our physical and emotional health.  Through this lens, we can then understand which tools will be supportive for our whole health!

So some of the tools might be tapping or oils…..but much of it will be truly understanding our mindset and how what we think grows, and what we say has power!

This last year I have had the humbling privilege to work with sooo many women overcome distorted relationships with their body, with food, with their health challenges…..TO TRULY LOVE THE SKIN THEY ARE IN!!!

These women have created lifestyle plans that truly meet their needs (nutritionally, physically, emotionally) with my support and guidance.

In the next couple of months, you will see things rolling out like a new website to Purely Simple Organic Living that will give you links to all the different ways to work with me. 

The monthly zoom group coaching will have themes where you can attend one class at a time or as a month or even longer…..these are all recorded so even if you can’t attend live you would be able to catch the replay…including past sessions! 

And finally, the platform that has the Whole Health Membership that Christina and I lovingly refer to as the Island….is being revamped with resources, videos, self-paced programs, forums, and more!  

I also embarked on an amazing way of having faith discussions with 2 of my dearest friends through a podcast: RISE ABOVE THE NOISE.  More about that soon ;)……

If there is anything I have learned this last year….especially with all the health and political unrest is that sometimes we JUST NEED LOVE AND CONTACT with other beautifully wonderfully made women….and men ;)…..which if HUGS are important to you join our HAPPY HUGGERS GROUP to at least receive a daily virtual hug and encouragement!

Many many blessings, hugs, and prayers always!

Kelly 😉

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