Saving Souls!

I was pondering the other day about all the issues and topics that have caused such “heat” and division over the last year……

And it goes for both sides…..even me who is extremely passionate about non-mask, non-vax…….

I can get caught up in empowering and education about the physical health concerns ( because let’s be honest as humans we are sometimes more willing to listen to how something is going to effect us physically versus spiritually)……

That even those of us who are super passionate for one side or another are creating false idol…..let me explain 🤩😍…….

At the end of the day……are you more concerned about your physical body or your soul?

This article reminds me of this!!! (Link below)

It should be unacceptable that ANY babies died/taken/murdered EVER for ANY science…..

That is not science……that is not health!!!!!

We as a society, a people, are soooo concerned with our physical health we miss the point of connecting with our souls health!

When we are in alignment with our souls health then we know what we individually need to do for our own over all health. We know what stand we need to make….where God is leading us…..and that looks different for each of us.

My prayer on this day… we get ready to enter into Holy Week…..we remember WHY Jesus came and died on the cross……to save our soul!!!!!

Have a thoughtful and thankful Thursday!!!

Many blessings always,

Kelly 💜🙏😍

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