To Fear or not to Fear

As I was sitting and praying this morning…..thinking about the souls of our world…..and trying to understand how we ever got to such a decisive moment……I actually was reflecting on the v*x…..

And the thing that that has me most stumped is this…..there has always been a certain amount of devision on this topic…..that’s a given….

But those who have always argued FOR has backed it based on how proper trials were done so it’s safe….how it’s going to strengthen our immune system because it’s the actual cells of said virus…..

YET……here we are in a situation where NO animal trials have been done… a matter of fact it is still in its trials (we are the test subjects)……..

And… IS NOT truly a “v*x”……you look up the definition of what one is….because this is a dna manipulation it is actually called gene therapy….

Which has been around for awhile in that they have been trying to figure out how it could be beneficial for cancer treatment but there hasn’t been any success….

I’m not here trying to convince you to not take it…..I’m here to just share….because I feel too many of us don’t really know what’s going on….

I feel we have been successfully sold fear over the last year that even those who don’t think they have bought into fear are the ones who are most blind to the fear…..

And how do we know we are consumed by fear?

When we ONLY think about our physical body!

And that goes for both sides. That could mean even me who has no intention to receive the v*x……

If I walk around thinking and worrying how it’s going to effect my ability to travel, my ability to do xyz, who will I encounter that will have had it and I could receive their shedding…..etc….

When we do that we don’t focus on the most important: our soul….and the best way to support my souls health is to support our spiritual and mental health.

You see how I see it is the enemy is lazy yet conniving in that if he gets enough of us entering and spinning into fear and focusing on our physical health soooo much well then we will forget what’s the most important: our soul!

We weren’t made for this world…..our TRUE home is heaven. And that is what we should be focusing on. When we do that then the decisions we need to make become soooo much easier.

And that includes how we react versus respond to people who are on opposite ends of a topic. When we lash with our tongues and don’t love a person for their opinion we give fuel to the enemy again.

I say let’s stop giving him kindling….we can do this….we were made for so much more!

Have a fabulously blessed Friday!
Hugs and prayers always!

Kelly 😘

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