I posted last week on FACEBOOK about how I was thinking of starting a huggers club. The response I received was incredible. Apparently many feel the same as I do! WE need to stop fearing touch!

I shared a video last year when all this started. I expressed concern about our need for touch and how it was not going to be healthy for us if we went too long with this lack of touch.

And here we are a year later and the fear to touch has become normalized.

We don’t associate it with the rise in suicide.

we don’t associate it with the rise in fear.

All we think about is how to “be safe”.

There are amazing studies that back up our need for touch. How touch actually improves our immune system, lowers cortisol, does amazing things for the hypothalamus and the list goes on.

There is so much data supporting our physical, mental, and emotional health for touch.

but what I think is even more important is spiritual health. A hug implies community, communion with another. An acceptance, a concern, a consoling, comforting, welcoming…LOVE.


This last Sunday’s first reading and Gospel were so fitting. They were about the lepers. I don’t ever believe in coincidences. The fact that God has placed this wild idea of creating a HUGGERS GROUP and then the readings ended up being what they were… sunk deep into my soul! And our priest’s sermon just drove it home! I WAS COMMITED TO STARTING THIS GROUP!

Something I want us to ponder on, why are we more concerned with our physical health and not concerned enough about our mental, emotional, and spiritual health?

We have turned into a world where we walk around fearing touch – modern-day leprosy.

What if we embraced a love for one another – no matter where we stood on each of the current subjects of masks, vax, sex, race – all of it! Instead embraced LOVEabolishing fear ONE HUG AT A TIME!

If you find this idea refreshing and want to join in on the HAPPY HUGGERS join us here!

Within this group, we are going to challenge ourselves to PROPOSE HUGS to others each day. AND to love them even if they say no!

This may sound simple but sometimes the most simple is all it needs. And sometimes the simple is also the most challenging.

I am going to challenge myself to go to a different neighbor each day and as them if they could use a hug today. If they are open to a hug!?

If they say yes – they yay it’s a win for both of us!

If they say no – I will smile and let them know it’s okay, they are loved, and is there any way I can support them this week or this day?

I will also assess when I am out and about at stores and do the same thing!

Simple as that! It will take courage. A willingness to be told no and still smile. To not impose thoughts, reasons why hugs are important, just a simple smile and loving acceptance of where they are at. that is true love and that is how we are going to overcome the enemies hold on this world with this fear-demic.

I hope you will join me on this simple HAPPY HUGGERS crusade of adding hugs to your life, the life of others, and spreading love ONE HUG AT A TIME!

many hugs and prayers always,


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