Start your week out with some humor!

This is just too hilarious to not share!

Ok absolute true story that I don’t care where you stand on the topic of the mask if you don’t roll with laughter on this I will question your sense of humor 🤪🤩🤓….

New Years Eve…celebrating mass with family….we had had an emotional day being at the funeral home and going over soooo many details for my scads funeral….

We are standing during the gospel…..

A gentleman two pews in front of us sneezes…IN HIS MASK… we are talking a wet sounding sneeze….

My mind just starts imagining all sorts of ick….when he sneezes again!!!! Now my mind is in overdrive….

At that very moment my darling daughter leans over to me and says “like having a wet diaper on your face!”……😳🤦‍♀️🤣

At that moment it is time for us to sit…..thank goodness….

I start to try to hold in my laughter!!!

The harder I try….the more it sounds like I’m sobbing uncontrollably!!! I decide to cover my face and go with the “sobbing uncontrollably” story……who else is going to know the difference 🤦‍♀️🤪🤩….

I can always count on my darling daughter to bring amazing joy in my life even in the saddest of moments!

I hope this brings some giggles and joy to someone who might be struggling with a difficult time! Laughter always helps lift the mood and gives us perspective!

Many blessings and hugs,

Kelly 💜

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