How often do you say NO?

No I’m not available for that project…
No I’m not available to come out tonight…
No I don’t want to do that…..

We don’t say NO nearly as often as we should!

Every time you say yes to something you really don’t want to do or are not feeling passionate about you are saying NO to YOU!

This is especially true to our health needs and journey!

When I first started this true health healing journey I had to learn to say no…..and it was not easy!

My health coach at that time gave me an assignment… say no to EVERYTHING for one week to everything someone, anyone requested me to do…..with no explanation or excuse of why I’m saying no.

Oh that was hard!

But it was a pivotal point in my healing!

Did I make family and friends mad at me…oh yes!!!

But the more I spoke up to saying yes to me….the less I allowed others opinions or thoughts bother me….

And then I discovered the more I set these boundaries the more I respected myself and that energy and vibration started increasing within me and attracting only respect and understanding from those around me.

NO became the most powerful word in my life!

NO is now my favorite word!

How can you say NO to others in your life so you are saying YES to you and your healing journey?!

Hugs and blessings always,

Kelly 💜

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