Are we having a Galileo Moment?

A dear friend of mine and I have for years reflected on how there are often times in the Church the problem of the “baby is being thrown out with the bath water”.

Many years ago I was introduced to MRT (Muscle Response Testing) or Muscle Testing for short. I was also introduced to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping for short.

At the same time God was having me study and dissect things like: yoga, shamanism, pendulums, crystals, essential oils, and more.

I have wrestled with Him many times on each of these topics and have even blogged here on several of them…..

But not on some of them… due to “fear” of how it would come across.

Fear that I would be accused of being pulled into the “new age” movement.

Fear that I would lead anyone astray.

Fear that I would be rejected.

But something that has become super clear to me during the course of the last few months with ALL that has been going on with the world in the balance of good and evil…..if you don’t believe that what is going on is spritual warfare I challenge you to truly take it to prayer….

Anyways…..what I have realized is that I MUST not be afraid to speak about some of these topics that Catholics, Christians may shy away from or even reject all together.

First, let’s remember that GOD CREATED EVERYTHING.….so just because something is being used by non-christian groups or even worse by groups that are truly in alignment with the enemy DOESN’T MEAN THAT THAT CREATION IS BAD!

I think a really good example we can all relate to is a GUN!

A gun in and of itself is not evil…it is not good or bad….it is an object. How the person holding the gun…..what their intent is….that is what is dertermined if it is used for good or evil.

So with that vein of thought… example of a tool that has been hijacked by the enemy is a pendulum. Galileo actually created the first pendulum. And there are lots of different types but the bottom line it is about measuring energy. And that’s physics.

But what happens when we as Christian’s hear about pendulums we automatically think of divination, witches, fortune telling…..heck I think of a 90’s show where I saw it being used over a map often times.

BUT….we must go back to understanding WHAT IS THE INTENT of it’s use. When we are grounded in Christ. When we are understanding muscle testing, we are able to understand that it is just another way of muscle testing without having to use so much energy while muscle testing. It also can be a more accurate way of muscle testing.

Crystals are a huge issue for so many people….but something that this beautiful faithful friend reminded me about was WE NEED A CRYSTAL TO LIVE…..SALT!

And it goes back to when we focus on the creation of crystals and not the creator then yes there is a problem. But when we go back to the days of creation… says that ALL creation is for our wellbeing. So why wouldn’t the stones and earth be included in that?

St. Hildegard writes extensively about the plants, animals, and STONES for our health. And this is the thing….one of the most conservative popes we have, Pope Benedict XVI, canonized her a saint AND made her a doctor of the church.

Now when we start talking about yoga… I have written many times on this subject…..something new I want to share is how do we not know that God had not originally shared this form of movement and worship to a Christian but they dismissed it….

Remember God doesn’t enforce anything on us…..He grants us the gift of free will…..thus we are given the opportunity always to use the gifts and talents He equips us with or to hide them or even dismiss them….

Something God has really been having me dig deeper into the last couple years but especially the last 6 months is understanding the definition of shamanism…..and is it even conscievable for a Christian to practice shamanism?

If you would have asked me this 4 or more years ago….I would have said absolutely not…..but just as He had me really dissect yoga….He has been having me dissect what it means to be a shaman.

But first let’s look at some of the gifts of the Holy Spirit….particularly Charisms: prophecy and healing to mercyteaching, almsgiving, perseverance, joy, encouragement, hospitality and  leadership.  St. Paul lists nine examples of the Spirit’s manifestations in 1 Cor 12:4-11.

There are many different cultures who have different definitions of what a shaman is……the most simplistic that they all have in common is “healer”……now how some of them go about it is NOT of God in my opinion. They are “channeling” into forces they have no business entering into….opening doors and issues that could be more harm than good.

BUT……when we are always seeking GOD’S WILL FIRST….and if HE leads us to help someone in a particular healing way…..then how can we say no?

Throughout all of time there have been people who are considered seers, shaman, mystics, etc…..and each of these can be looked up on bad or good… truly go’s back to the root of INTENT!

A wise spiritual director once shared with me about how to help my daughter with her particular gifts and talents, her charism. He said with her gift comes great responsibility. As she learns more about it, and acknowledges it she will have a choice in using it for good or for her selfish desires or even worse for the enemy. So continually leaning on God and asking HIM to guide her with her gift of when to use it or not to use it is imperative.

Which brings me to the next important lesson God poured into me years ago….that I try to adhere to each and every day of my life…..which is……just because something is permissible doesn’t mean we should.

There were even some amazing saints who got caught up in their own gifts and would pridefully seek answers or allow their will to be the lead rather than God’s will.

So our challenge….with each gift….each talent…..each charism… to seek being that BRIDGE FOR GOD to help others heal. And to not easily dismiss what might be being used in the “new age” world as all evil. Maybe it just hasn’t been used in glory of GOD before. And isn’t it time we took back GOD’S CREATIONS and CHARISMS to be that vessel for HIM?

I would love to hear your thoughts and reflections!

I don’t ever claim to be an expert or even right on any of this…..this is my journey…..and my journey with God is going to look different than yours!

What I do hope is that you open your heart to hear what HE is saying to you and always “gather” with atleast one other person as you discern…..because that is when revelations take place….it also means darkness or clouding of a message can’t reside.

Have an amazing week full of blessings…full of health….full of hope….full of healing!

hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 😉

PS… can now find me at Purely Simple Organic Living…..empowering, equipping, and educating you to be the best version of yourself!

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  1. Hi Kelly, I totally track what you are saying, I think my eyes were really opened regarding this issue when I read the book, Death of a Guru. I highly recommend it as you continue to decide what is acceptable to pursue. It’s on Amazon: All the best to you, Jennifer

    On Mon, Jun 15, 2020 at 1:08 PM Kelly Frick: Connect wrote:

    > Kelly Frick: Connect posted: ” A dear friend of mine and I have for years > reflected on how there are often times in the Church the problem of the > “baby is being thrown out with the bath water”. Many years ago I was > introduced to MRT (Muscle Response Testing) or Muscle Testin” >

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