Today Only: Green Living with AromaTherapy & Coaching

It is official BOGOs have begun….lol!


BUT I WANT TO ENSURE YOU…..I will ONLY be sharing with you today about the BOGO’S!


I don’t want to overwhelm your inbox with blog posts that are all about flash sales, product promos, etc…..WITHOUT giving you tons of education….support….service!!!!

So I will share about today and then get back to our regular blog posts of engaging and learning how I can best serve you through my life journey and coaching!

BUT THIS COULD VERY WELL BE THE WAY I CAN BEST SERVE YOU!  Through aromatherapy… I do not want to be remiss and not share with you something that could best serve and support you on your health journey!

So I share:

A reminder that DōTERRA is doing something they have never done before: the BOGO box! 

This allows you to go ahead and purchase each day’s BOGOs today! Save on shipping and handling and not have to worry about figuring out each day placing an order!

Are you tired of being sick and tired?

Are you ready to learn how green medicine can support you physically and emotionally!?


Get started here:

This will include being added to a private coaching group with daily eduction, weekly training videos, and monthly targeted workshops.

Want to know what will be in the BOX OF OILS?!

The BOGO Box includes:

  • 15 mL doTERRA Serenity®
  • 15 mL Spearmint
  • 15 mL Citrus Bloom
  • 10 mL doTERRA Frankincense Touch
  • 10 mL Rose Touch
  • An additional 7 oils!

I will help you learn all about the oils that you are starting your oils journey with through continued education and coaching… WILL BE EMPOWERED AND EQUIPPED!

Want to START your aromatherapy coaching and journey with just today’s BOGO?  Let me first tell you about these 2 oils:

💧Serenity is great for sleep, anxiety, and even sore muscles!

💧Balance is amazing for grounding, feeling centered, prayer, and overwhelm!

Go here to start your coaching with these two oils:

As with ALL of my coaching……whether you are part of the aromatherapy coaching, EFT coaching, or the transformation coaching you will always have access to discounts for each of the coaching services!

As always please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or help!

Have an amazingly blessed day!

Kelly 🙂

PS…..already use quality, therapeutic essential oils and just want to have extra coaching and support?  Message me here on Facebook!

PPS….want to keep updated throughout the week about the rest of the days?  Also, message me and let me know….like I said above….I do not want to overwhelm your inbox all week… I will only share about BOGO’S TODAY….unless otherwise asked to!

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