Shifting Food Fears

I’m at a place with my health where my practitioner is needing me to be willing to up my carbs. I’ve had to do this for about 2 months now!

I’ll be honest it wasn’t easy at first….it was super scary….but the alternative was scarier…..

My blood sugar levels are so low it is affecting my brain health, my sleep and putting serious stress on my adrenals.

My body is in serious fight or flight!

But it’s amazing how willing to add even an apple in the morning with my protein choice, some denser root veggies at lunch and oats or potatoes at dinner have improved my sleep already.

It’s a balancing act….and it’s not going to fix overnight but with consistent and willingness to be comfortable with the uncomfortable I will see amazing improvements. But it also means I have to be patient through the process!

I have to be willing to see my body go through changes that I may not like to see visually but to know that my worth is NOT wrapped up in the size of my pants!

Ladies…..listen to your body and when you find a particular “diet” isn’t serving you any more be willing to shift gears and open your mind to a choice that is going to serve you better in this stage of your life!

Do you have a food mind shift you need to make?

Sit with this…..pray…..journal….tap….and oil up!

Hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 🦋

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