What’s your vibe?

Let’s talk a moment about our bodies vibration!

Our body puts off a particular frequency at all times.

When we are functioning at optimal levels our vibration is higher thus helping us ward off viruses and bacteria…..but when we are at a lower frequency or vibration…..well we are more susceptible to illness…..

Our OILS each have a unique vibration or frequency…..that’s why the ITOVi scans are helpful because it matches the oils to our frequency….

But here is a hack….even if you can’t receive or have access to an ITOVi scan you can “bio-Hack” your frequency!

💜Feeling anxious or even excited? You’re needing a more grounding oil like Frank or Balance….

💜Feeling gloomy or down? You’re needing a citrus…..pick the one that you feel drawn to.

💜Feeling intense emotions like anger or frustration? Go to Rose or any of the blends that have Rose…..

Finally another tool to add to your frequency repair is using binaural beats!

Have a healing day!

Hugs and prayers always!

Kelly 😇

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