Merry Christmas to me!

I gave myself an early Christmas gift 🎁….I added another practitioner to my health team to work on some specific, targeted health goals…..

I’ve been noticing some symptoms the last couple months that were very familiar….and realized I needed to add an autoimmune specialist to my team so I can continue to thrive in health and not be a victim of health….

So many times we think we can coach ourselves….we all know the saying a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client….well I think it can be the same in any profession….we are too close to the subject and we can over look things….

Having a fresh pair of eyes….an added pair of eyes, never hurts!

There were many discoveries with this new set of eyes that has been helpful already in what needs to take place as I enter into 2020…

More to come for sure 🙌😘….

Until then…..what do you think you should give yourself for Christmas?

Think…pray…..write….tap and oil up on it!

As always….many blessings and hugs,

Kelly 🥰

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