Leaping Lymph Nodes :)

I have learned to embark on my health with a very open-minded approach…..and definitely digging into what could be the root causes or current issues that are affecting my thyroid health, particulary with having hashimotos…..but my overall health in general.


One of the things I have really discovered is how much my Lymph system effects so many things.

This week I addressed this super-important system with my private coaching group.  We addressed how this sluggishness can be caused by physical junk but it can also be caused by emotional.

My challenge for you today is: what is slowing your lymph system down? Is it physical, environmental or emotional?  Or a combination of it all!

Sit…pray…tap….and oil up as you reflect upon it!

As always….you are in my thoughts and prayers,

Kelly 🙂

PS…enjoy the video below!

PPS….are you ready to start your healing journey?


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