Warrior Woman or Fraud

I have to be honest…I sometimes DO NOT FEEL QUALIFIED to help soo many women!


After all HOW CAN I, who is still always working on LOVING THE SKIN I AM IN….teach and coach other women to LOVE THE SKIN THEIR IN!?

This is the beauty of God’s grace and growth…..the more I coach and teach the more I KNOW THE TRUTH: That I am beautifully wonderfully made!

Just because I have formal education, certifications, etc to qualify me to do what I do…..I firmly believe that BECAUSE I have truly felt and walked in the trenches of not loving the skin I’m in….this gives me more qualifications than any of it….

BUT…..it’s because I continue to do the work….so I can continue to help others do their internal work!

We are always going to be a work in progress….even when we have MASTERED one area of our life…..doesn’t mean we don’t have another area that needs some stones overturned….

But I can say because of Saturday’s workshop I TRULY LOVE THE SKIN I AM IN 100% NOW!

Why?  What shifted?

2 things…

First,  I think sometimes since the world I work in and live in is me constantly serving and supporting women and having to be raw, real, and vulnerable…..that sometimes I forget which part of my journey have I really healed from and which part still needs work.

You might wonder how this is possible…..well being the type of person I am…..I FEEL….I mean I really really feel…..I feel other peoples stuff…..and I also willingly put myself in others shoes so I can truly help them figure out how to get into their own thriving and healing work.

The second huge shift and aha was when one of the participants at the workshop shared her “why”….why she truly 100% of the time loves the skin she is in!  It was so profound and beautiful….that I realized “hmm” I’m done with allowing that 2% lingering and not having me truly fully healed from/with dysmorphia.  I refuse to allow it to even own 2% of my life.  Just because I have certain wires in my brain that need to be reworked doesn’t mean it gets to possess anymore of my energy.  I am done with it!

How about you?

Are you done with not feeling ENOUGH!?

Are you done with believing the the lies?


Are you ready to say: I AM WORTH IT!

Take a moment to pray…journal….tap….and oil up about it!

And if you are open to share your story…..to share your journey…..to grow in your WHOLE HEALTH…..join me in making a change!

My prayers and hugs always dear one!

Kelly 😉






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