Transformation Trio

14 day challenge

I am so super excited to share and support a beautiful group of ladies starting this Friday!  (To learn more about it….check out this link to the private FB Group….click here)!

The more I do what I do…..the more I feel and experience the amazing power of God.  I see all these amazing women….whether they are coming for the monthly workshop….or participating in a challenge…..or diving deep with coaching and support……I see them desiring to LOVE THE SKIN THEY ARE IN!

And Oh how I can relate to that!

It is a journey I still have to work on……and when I am really raw and honest…there are days I truly feel like a fraud.  After all how can I tell women to love the skin they are in when I have to still work so hard at it myself!  And that’s when I realize…that is exactly what makes me qualified to serve, support and coach these lovely ladies!  Because I have been there, done that, and I still have to work on my relationship with food and my body….the dysmorphia disconnect…..I know not to believe the lies my mind tries to feed my brain…..but I know I have to always work on the heart part!  It just is what it is……and because of that I am able to see YOU….see how beautifully wonderfully made YOU ARE!

But here is the key…..

I am no longer surviving…..I am THRIVING in this walk of life….this walk of WHOLE TRUE health and wellness (not illness)……

I HAVE BEEN TRANSFORMED…..and I TRANSFORM  a little more each day!

Have you TRANSFORMED YOUR MIND? Your relationship with food and body!?

Would love to hear your thoughts…..

Until then….remember to…..

Sit….pray…..journal…..tap…..and oil up!

Hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 😉

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