Wow your food!

I’ve been kind of absent here for a few but I don’t want everyone to think I forgot about you all 🥰…..


To catch you up….I’ve been prepping for a really fun food workshop….and it has had me working and reflecting on all the amazing women I’ve worked with on understanding the psychology of food as well as continue to do my own internal work!


If 80% of our health, our physical body, is a reflection of what we eat…..and 80% of our health can be supported by the top 10 oils then why wouldn’t I have fun combining them?!


I have always believed we need to not fear our food!


But when we are on a healing journey whether it is because of a physical health challenge or a mental health challenge….well food can feel more like a foe rather than a friend!


My top tips that I do every time I eat now is:


1. Spice it up….do things that are going to feel like there is an amazing party going on in my mouth!


2. I sit…….and slow down when I eat! If I can’t do those three then I fast.


3. I celebrate the moment. I not only give thanks but I truly celebrate the transformation that is taking place in each bite…..transformation I may not even realize yet!


How do you think you can transform your relationship with food? For your physical and mental health?!


As always…lots of hugs and prayers!



To learn more about the workshop or register CLICK HERE!

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