You are worthy in your imperfect-ness!

Im interrupting my usual blog posts…lol…..well not really cause you know by now I SHARE about EVERYTHING!

I’m sitting reflecting and getting ready for a wellness workshop I’m teaching about detoxing our medicines cabinets, cleaning supplies, and even our bodies with all natural solutions!

And it had me reflecting on this awesome little company that I was introduced to about saving rejected fruits and veggies!

So once again I’m just super thrilled about Thursday’s delivery of my Imperfect Produce!

I had an onion left over from last week so I cooked it up with the mushrooms 🍄 added some essential oils (there is only one brand I trust for internal use 😇🥰)……cooked it…..added some ghee butter…blended it…..simmered some more….added some more spices and seasoning…..yum!

The mushrooms I picked were a therapeutic kind add those with the oils! Yes!!! Bam 💥 like major mouth delight!!!

Anyways! I’m totally in love with 😍 saving these poor veggies and fruit that otherwise would be tossed off as rejects just because they don’t “fit the mold”!

How often do you feel like you don’t measure up?! That you’re not enough?!

Stop the mental chatter….and remember…..

“You are beautifully wonderfully made!”

Sit with that….pray about it….tap and oil up!

As always my hugs and prayers!

Kelly 😇💦💜

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