Self Love: Petigrain and Lavender

This week I am going to share things a little bit different than I usually do!
I want to make sure I get some amazing TRANSFORMING INFORMATION to you to think, reflect, and shift your mind about…
There are some amazing DAILY DEALS I don’t want you to miss out on so I am going to be sharing each day with you!
Today is full of amazing wonders….it is truly about self love! 
TODAY’S VIDEO  HAS A TAPPING SESSION :)…..Click here to watch!
Don’t have 9 minutes to watch?  That’s okay here is a quick over view of what you can learn from these two oils….
  • Why these two oils are about self love:

    Petitgrain is amazing for:

    Greasy/oily hair
    Excessive sweating

    Petitgrain will address the emotions of:
    Feeling out of control
    Addicted to poor choices
    Self abuse

    It is the oil of ancestry….it wants to help you cultivate healthy family traditions and embrace positive family connections.

    Lavender we all know and love….but here are a few reminders:

    Supports seasonal sniffles
    Soothes skin
    Eases the mind
    Supports scalp issues
    Soothes burns
    Minimizes scars
    Cleanses wounds
    Helps drain the lymph system.

    Lavender is the oil of communication and calm.

    So if you are emotionally not feeling heard…..having dear of rejection….want to become more self aware….

    Create peace in your mind with lavender!

As always….sit….pray….journal…tap….and oil up!

My hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 🙂





Before I close for today I want to remind you when you start your TRANSFORMATION Health/Wellness Journey with me:
  • I will schedule 3 FREE coaching sessions
  • Help you get to the root of your wellness goals
  • create plans
  • receive a welcome package with supplies to help you get started with your oils
  • Plugged into a private Facebook group full of daily tips, tricks, recipies
  • and so much more!
Are you open to invest in your WELLNESS? Rather than fear the illness?  
I am ready to  TRANSFORM your WHOLE HEALTH:  Mind Body Soul Spirit!
Are you ready to receive?
Many blessings on this amazing BOGO day!

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