5 Unknown Facts about ME!

I’ve been challenged by a mentor of mine to share 5 facts about myself that most people probably don’t know yet….so here we go ;)….


  1.  I met my husband in the Navy when I was 18 years old….I chose to go into the military right out of high school because I KNEW I was MADE FOR MORE….but I knew that since I had not secured a college choice or scholarships even…..that I would “settle” for less if I didn’t commit to something that would FORCE my hand!  Because of that amazing choice I met my husband, I went to college acquired an amazing degree, all debt free!
  1.   I went to college for a law degree….but fell in love with my Sociology, Psychology, and Criminology classes.  So I shifted gears….with the intent of becoming a profiler for the FBI! Instead I have found my degree to be the most amazing tool that has helped me hold sooo many different jobs from: Victim Advocate, At-Risk Youth Programs, Campus Ministry programs, TOB Ministry….and opening the door of realizing my roots of being an entrepreneur as a Transformation Coach empowering women to love themselves with tools of eft, oils, wellness planning, and sooo much more!
  1.   I grew up listening to Zig Ziglar instead of music!  LOL……my parents are both entrepreneurs. My mom had Zig Ziglar cassette tapes (yes that ages me!) playing in the car and the house all the time!  So as his talks show up in many of the leadership podcasts I listen to and leadership programs I follow….its so much fun to think about how my mom laid a foundation that would prepare me for all the amazing leadership roles I have had in all my job positions….and now as a self-employed leader that serves, supports, and empowers others.
  1.   I don’t swim!  Yes I was in the Navy and can’t swim….lol.  Actually I took private lessons when my daughter was super young to overcome my fears.   The trainer was amazing. About 4 months into the lessons he informed me that I knew how to swim but my mind wouldn’t let me relax…..I knew what I needed to do physically but I wasn’t letting myself mentally do it.  It was that insight that helped me realize that some of my past traumas were related to water….swimming….and even though I have done lots of healing…..that the journey wasn’t over! So it’s not that I CANT swim I CHOOSE TO NOT SWIM and I’m okay with that….cause I’m super okay with me!
  1.  I was a cheerleader and drama club in middle & high school.  Yes….that is probably why I am so comfortable getting up in front of people for presentations, workshops, and facebook lives…lol!  Ironically even though I am an HSP, introvert, & empath I truly love pouring into others with what I do….I just make sure and protect my downtime :).

So my challenge to you is what are 5 unknown facts about you that you would be open to sharing with me?  With others?

When we share a little bit of ourselves we connect to others…others are able to see a piece of us that connects or resonates to them…..and then we are able to spread light and love….and make an impact!

You never know when your story will help another person find healing and hope in their own story!!

As always…sit….pray…journal…tap….and oil up!

Hugs and prayers always,

Kelly 😉



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