Essentially Empowered!

I pray your weekend is proving to be awesome….relaxing….not too much crazy back to school hustle!

As I have been writing this book… has been reminding me just how super important to continually fill myself up with goodness….prayer….EFT….using my oils…..empowering food choices…and intentional mindset.

But it also excites me because I have been able to really dig in and get involved with different people and entities.  We are going to be able to be of service and support to each other.

Internal work is a continual process….no one ever truly arrives!  This is not meant as a discouraging statement but rather an encouraging statement!  Meaning we constantly have the opportunity to:


I am so passionate about helping others understand and learn more about how essential oils can meet 80% of your health and wellness needs.

Your whole health: mind, body, soul, spirit!

This week I am offering 4 days with 4 different times a: SIMPLE ESSENTIALS 30 minute presentation that will empower you to start taking charge of your health.

You will gain transformation information to start your health journey of hope and healing!

What will you learn:
💧What is an essential oil.
💧How to use an essential oil.
💧Why to use essential oils, most importantly why sourcing matters.
💧What are the basic simple top 10 oils.
💧What are the two most popular ways to startup
💧How you can get started with me.

💜This presentation/class is about empowering you and informing you, so when you are ready to start your journey I’ll be here to support you, serve you, and bless you!

💜Until then I will hold all the intention of hope and healing for you!

💜I’ll be here to coach you every step of the way!

💧So let’s just start the conversation and learn what the heck all these oils are and how they can support your health….how they can transform your life!

So I hope you will join me one of the 4 days this week….because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

As always…please dear one remember….YOU ARE ENOUGH….and you are in my prayers…
Lots of hugs and blessings…
Kelly Frick

Find me on FacebookYouTubePinterestInstagram, and Twitter….let’s CONNECT!

Are you ready to start Hope &  Healing in your physical, mental, and spiritual Health journey?! I am here to bless and serve you!

Email me at

or jump right on in and start at!  We will get you set up with your personalized transformation/wellness overview, welcome call and package, private content, and lots of free goodies!!!

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