Several months back I was able to finally attend a workshop…kind of like a day retreat…presentation by CHRISTOPHER WEST!!!

I truly felt like a school girl getting to meet her high school crush.  I have been an avid student of his information for over 15 years now!  He has shared the teachings of St. JPII in so many ways….to reach all all seasons of life….that he truly astounds me in his gifting.

After the day was over my hubby asked if I wanted to wait in the line to get a book signed.  Part of me wanted to but part of me felt great peace in knowing our paths would cross again.

It was because of his bringing to light the teachings of TOB (Theology of the Body) from St. JPII that I am able to bring you the next chapter of my healing journey!!

May this chapter bring you Hope and Healing on your Health Journey…..and to remember YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!

My hugs and prayers always,




Shortly after speaking up for myself I had changed jobs.  It was spring of 2002.  I was commuting about 30 minutes each day to work.  I decided I would finally start listening to an audio book that had been sitting on my shelf for almost a year: “A Crash Course in the Theology of the Body: Naked Without Shame” by Christopher West.  This book utterly changed my life.

It planted a seed of within me of KNOWING I was more than my body.  I WAS beautifully, wonderfully made, AND that our sexuality should not be a source of shame and pain.

I remember as I drove back and forth to work, how I truly did not fully comprehend what he was saying.  But  there was something so internal within me that felt such peace, such freedom.  I felt a part of my pain and shame willing to break free.  I felt part of me beginning the healing process that I had no idea needed to take place.

I knew there was something amazing in these teachings.  Christopher West was taking the teachings of (now Saint) Pope John Paul II had been sharing with the world for many years during his Wednesday Audience addresses.

There were two seeds that this book planted during my drive back and forth to work for many weeks.

Seed one:  I can love my husband and enjoy our union without shame.  That we TRULY were made for more than our physical form….our physical gratification of give and take.

Seed two:  When we have children this must be the foundation of our children’s upbringing.

At the time I honestly did not pay attention to the details of who was the pope who had delivered this information that Christopher West was bringing light to all of us to know and learn from.

But I don’t find it coincidental that it was the same Pope we would be experiencing that year at the World Youth Day in Canada.

What I especially don’t find coincidental was how my husband and I had been learning more about our faith and fertility because of our own challenges with trying to conceive.  We were able to finally see the wisdom of the Church of being aware of our fertility thus including God in ALL aspects of our life, including the bedroom.

I became so passionate about understanding our fertility and how God had wisely empowered us to understand our cycles, to monitor our cycles, to respect our cycles and our union as husband and wife, I became a fertility practitioner for a short period of time.

This was all God’s amazing plan in opening my eyes to my hurt and pain of my past traumas and choices.  This was God’s way of beginning my healing in a way that I couldn’t have even imagined.

Do you find yourself questioning: what is our sexuality all about anyways?  Why is it so confusing?  Why do I feel so much shame?

Let’s take a look at the blend of: Douglas Fir, Marjoram, Forgive

Douglas Fir:  We just recently used this oil with addressing dysmorphia.  Now it is time to have this powerful oil help support us with the generational healing of how our Sexuality has become distorted.  Remember, Douglas Fir is about generational wisdom.  When we have knowledge we can learn from the past.  We can break free from the destructive traditions and behaviors of our families past.  We can bring new life and new growth and healing into our own life as well as to those in our future.

Marjoram:  Healing isn’t an easy task.  It means we have to let others in, trust others, connect!  Deep down we desire to connect with others…to let others in, but it means we have to let our barriers down.  Because deep down we desire intimate connections.  We don’t want to sabotage our relationships.  Marjoram softens our heart to allow trust to take place, to not be overly protective.

Forgive:  Here we are introducing our first blended oil, meaning it has several oils in this one.  This blend is about renewing.  We must desire to not only forgive those who have done us wrong but to forgive ourselves in all aspects of life choices.  When trauma especially has taken place it can be difficult to not view life with a cynical view.  When we are bold and brave to forgive we are able to break free from anger, bitter, judgement, resentment, and blaming.  We are able to truly open ourselves up to not fear love.  To not fear anything life has in store for us.

Diffuse these three oils together or create a roller bottle so you can place them on pulse points.  These are especially powerful oils to tap with.  They will encourage amazing emotional release through your prayer and tapping.


Oh Heavenly Father….I am ready to break down the barriers of pain, shame, judgement, bitterness, and all those emotions that hold me back from true freedom…true living….I know I must let go of the past….to not let the past behaviors of mine and of others to dictate my happiness and wiliness to connect with others….especially those whom I love and want to experience the fullness of their love….by your grace I know I can overcome these barriers and find the freedom to forgive…..and Lord if there is any part of me angry with you, please open my eyes to it….and help me to restore my faith and love with you…..because I KNOW I NEED YOU…..AMEN.


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