Speak the truth: You ARE enough! (Plus today only BOGO you won’t want to miss!)

How often do we beat ourselves up after the weekend telling ourselves….ugh why did I shop so much? Why did I eat so much? Why did I drink so much? Why didn’t I go to church?!

We are hard on ourselves….we don’t give ourselves the same grace Christ gives us!

This week I’m going to pause on sharing the book because I want to really address this with all of us….but especially women….girls!

I know this deeply: the beat self up mantra! It goes with the territory of dysmorphia, sexual abuse/trauma, shame……

But you and I can and are free of the lies…..if we allow ourselves to be!

Because that’s the key….we have a choice!

We have a choice to love ourselves as Christ loves us: unconditionally!

Or we can choose the enemies lies that: we aren’t tall enough, skinny enough, smart enough….lie lie lie!!!!

Enjoy today’s video about how Serenity and Lavender can be a tool in your armor to defeat the enemy!

Many blessings and prayers always!

Kelly 😇💧💜

(Don’t forget to read more below!)

Link to video: http://bit.ly/2uq6MF9

BOGOs are here 🤗💧💜!

Did you know YOU ARE ENOUGH?!

Let’s connect to this truth with serenity and lavender!

Ready to start believing in yourself?

Email me at kellyfrickconnect@gmail.com or private message me on Facebook at Kelly Frick:Connect

I’m ready to serve and bless you on this adventure! Are you open to receive?

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