Messy Perfection

Have you ever had the kind of day, week, where you wonder: really?!


So last week …actually the Saturday/Sunday where June and July met… I felt drainage going on….yuck. I had all the signs that things were going haywire with my system. Sure enough I woke up that Sunday with my throat on fire. But I KNEW it wasn’t strep. It was just an overload of toxins in the air as well as some foods that were creating an antihistamine issue in my body. Traveling didn’t help but hey a girls got to have fun right!

Thus the week of the fourth my head was stuffy and full of muck, my throat on fire, no voice, and I definitely couldn’t put together a thought in more than three or four words nonetheless try to write anything. But I was at peace with it. I knew I needed to focus on healing physically. As well as reflect to see if there were any root emotions that needed to be addressed that I possibly had been ignoring. Because even though helping others recognize the physical and emotional connection of their health is how I serve and bless others doesn’t mean I always recognize it in myself.

Well by Friday I was feeling great. I had been using an oils and nutritional and tapping protocol for myself and I was ready to get back to writing and so much more!!!

Then lightning hit! Literally!!!

Wiped out our tv, blue ray player, modem and router!!!

Ok I could careless about the tv and blue ray player but my INTERNET!!!!! Ugh! How was I going to get anything done! I do 90% of what I do virtually! And my hubby was going out of town that day and he is my tech guy.

Therefore I have gone all this week without internet at my home! I’ve had to be extremely resourceful and conservative with my data on my phone!

I found myself not posting and writing here because I thought, well if I can’t do it from the computer I’m not going to do it! But then I realized I’ve posted from my phone before. And I’ve challenged myself before I’m the sense of if I had to live with only one device could I do it all from my phone. And the answer is yes! Is it ideal: no. But can it work: yes.

But the biggest thing was writing is like breathing for me….if I’m not writing and sharing I’m not living in my fullest of vibration. I’m not being me!

So here I am sitting and writing on my phone because writing makes me feel alive! And I don’t want to put something off just because it’s not ideal or the perfect situation.

When we wait for things to be “perfect” we are not flowing. Because honestly nothing can be perfect!

Have you put off something you love doing because you were waiting for the perfect moment?! Stop right now and go do it! Be the best version of yourself right now! Be joyfully mess versus miserably perfect!

And have a fabulous Friday exploring your dreams, your desires, your destiny!!!

As always take this to prayer…journal about it….oil up and tap!!!

Many hugs, blessings and prayers always,

Kelly 🤗

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