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I wrap up my 9 week novena/hiatus!  I hope you have not only looked over and read some of the old posts I suggested but also found some on your own that you really loved!  I would love to hear which ones were your favorites!  Please do comment below to share and connect!

But one other thing….did you know I am also on YouTube!?!

I love sharing recipes, Thriving Thursday thoughts, and so much more there!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, head on over and subscribe to:  Kelly Frick Connect!

Next week all sorts of new stuff in store for you!

What new adventures do you have planned for this new year?

Sit…pray…write…oil up…and tap!

Many drops of blessings and hugs…

~Kelly 😉

PS….I mentioned last week about starting up and joining my tribe…oils family….   In that post I mentioned a perk of starting with me is lots of private content and goodies from me personally….well that includes getting to know me on a more personal level in that private Facebook Group.  In that group I not only get to know you more, you get to know me….I write and share as we do with family.  I help you, hold you, and create hope for all of us….because united we are strong!  Therefore….if you like my blogging….and want to read and learn even more about how I help others….start and join my inner circle of oils family… won’t be disappointed!  You’ll be thriving like the amazing warrior you are before you know it….and learn a little bit more about me in the process ;)….

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