New Year: New You!

Did you know I have a private Facebook Group just for my tribe…my oils family!  It is a place for you to continue to learn and grow in your knowledge and use of essential oils.  As well as learn about great deals with Essential Oils.

But most important:  I continually CONNECT our faith…our discipleship…our whole health to the use and support of essential oils.

I see doTERRA as my bridge in strengthening my faith, my health, my healing… intentional discipleship of living out what some of the great saints have taught us: St. Pope JPII,  St. Hildegard, St. Mother Theresa, St. Therese (the little flower), St. John Vianney, and so many more!

I would love to have you start up with me!  Join my tribe…my crusade…my family of building Intentional Essential Disciples of Christ and of wholeness in FULL health!

Message me on Facebook or email me: so we can get started together!

What’s holding you back from connecting with me?  From starting a health journey like none you’ve ever experienced before?!

Sit…pray…journal…oil up…tap…

Many drops of blessings and hugs…

~Kelly 😉


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