Focus: Family, Friends, Faith, Freedom

This last week was amazing with production week for my darling daughters theater group.  It had me really fine tune my focus on essentials.

  • The essentials of family.
  • The essentials of business.
  • The essentials of education.
  • And the most important: essentials of faith.

Which really…. when I work on my essentials lists it is about minimizing and getting back to what is really neededMy essentials with faith is about what needs to be added!

Which had me reflecting on how the next 9 weeks are going to be full of so much fun, family, holidays, business, and newness with being in a new area.  I have realized that for how much I love love love writing…..I need to take a moment to step back and refocus on what do I want to share and provide here.  How can I best serve you the reader and me the writer!?

I laughed within when I counted the weeks that I am going to take a hiatus from here….9 weeks.  It is a perfect novena.  So the question is which saint should I be focusing on and turning to for guidance?  Maybe I will pick 9 saints….lol.   Who knows!

What I do know is I may not be writing anything fresh and new for 9 weeks but I am going to give you a themed list of past postings each Monday.   Giving you an opportunity to ready any old posts you have not ever had the chance to read.  They will be some of the most popular posts combined with some of my favorites.

The lists will be probably of 3, 7, or 9……because those are spiritual numbers and that’s just how my brain thinks… 🙂

So until next Monday think about what you want to do for the next 9 weeks that will deepen your faith, your family bonds, your mission/calling within ministry and business, and deepen your commitment to focusing on what is TRULY ESSENTIAL in your life!?

Sit…pray…journal…oil…and tap!

Many drops of blessings and hugs….

~Kelly 😉

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