The Blue Line of Prayer

Last Monday as I read a blog post from one of my favorite bloggers, I remember smiling at the beauty of her words relating to the previous days evil events that took place in Las Vegas.

And then….I was saddened by her post later in the week.  How she had been criticized about what she had said.  Yet she took a gracious way of reminding us all that HE has UNFAILING LOVE FOR ALL OF US!!!

Including the shooter. (These are my words not hers!)

I am sure I TOO risk backlash from this statement….I am sure I risk others being ugly about it.

I want you to understand something though….I do not say this lightly.   I agree that what this shooter did was ugly….it was evil….but we must remember we were not designed for  evil.  We are pawns when it comes to evil like this.  It is extremely sad that this shooter allowed his sins, his weaknesses, to cripple him in a way that he gave way to being played by the enemy.

BUT…..God loves him the same way he loves you and me.  I totally understand this is hard for most people to digest….to stomach.  We want someone to blame, to hate, to curse for the hurting families.  Yet we forget we can pray for both!  We can pray for those who lost so much that dark day in Vegas…..AND….we can pray for the soul of that man.  Because his soul needs it.

Now I am going to shift gears on you for a moment but I promise, you will be able to see me connect the dots…

There are approximately 1 million law enforcement officers in our country out of approximately 323,000 million people.  So there are 1 million families that are close enough to understand the impact that this kind of evil has on the victims, the shooters, and the officers who put themselves in harms way.

Again I say….I DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY…..I am a woman who has stakes in this journey of life just like each of you.  I also have the perspective of being a wife of a law enforcement officer.

I know what it is like to hear about my husband putting himself in harms way to save others.  I know the toll it takes on his mind, body, spirit, SOUL when he has purposely put himself out there to seek out the evil to keep us safe.  I know the look of disbelief he will give me when I say there is more good than evil out there.

And I know my husband doesn’t always agree with my willingness to offer up prayers in the evening for men, like this shooter, when he (my husband) has just said prayers for all the victims and their families.

Here is the connection:  How are our hurtful words any different than pulling a trigger.  Again don’t yell at me…..but think about it…..a wound is a wound.  Those who wrote ugly things to this young girl because of her blog post were angry and hurt and wounded.  They chose to act before they used the amazing brain God gave them to do no harm.  They chose hate and fear instead of love and mercy.  So did that shooter.

The difference:  Vegas, there were true physical casualties.  BUT…..there ARE spiritual and emotional casualties of peoples hurtful words.  And we are SOO quick to dismiss that….to justify our actions and words out of righteous feelings.

God’s unfailing love is for ALL OF US!  He desires us to connect to HIM in all situations, all pain, all anger, all hurt.

So today…..before you choose to blast me for this posting….please reflect and pray about what healing needs to take place in your life?  Who has hurt you, that needs forgiving? You have you hurt that needs forgiveness?  Who needs unfailing love!?

If you find this difficult…’s okay….we are human!  The beauty of being human is we can use the tools God gives us to help us work out these feelings.  We can go to prayer…..meditation….scripture…..tapping (EFT)…..and essential oils!

May you find peace and hope in the middle of all this turmoil.

As always… are in my prayers and thoughts dear beloved ones….

Kelly 🙂


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