The Opposite of Love…


…is NOT HATE as so many of us would like to believe it is….

It is FEAR!

Trust me I have LOTS of experience in this area…lol….or not so funny really!!!

I had NOOO idea the journey I was going to take and learn about fear last year….after all I ALWAYS thought of myself as FEARLESS!!!  But some amazing things I have learned are mind blowing and SOOO relevant to this mind, body, soul, spirit connection and journey.

First, did you know that our brain (our mind) cannot hold love and fear in it at the same time (Dr. Caroline Leaf talks a lot about this in many of her books!)!?  So if we are fearing in our mind….how is this NOT going to effect our body….our soul….our spirit!?

Fear = irrationality =immobilizing us.

Why do you think Christ said soooo much: DO NOT BE AFRAID!  He KNEW how powerful fear can be and when we are living in fear we are not living in love!  But HE PROMISED us: I WILL BE WITH YOU!  He gave us this reassurance.

Fear says: flea, deny, hide, freeze, you are a failure, don’t commit, you are rejected……and so many more lies… can have a powerful hold on us because of the unknown!   It can cause us to build walls around us….to “protect” ourselves from all those lies!

But that’s what it is: a lie!  One great big huge horrible no good LIE!!!

We are all called to greatness!  When we push aside fear just as the disciples did, we are able to break free of the fear and fulfill our mission…our calling….our purpose!

What if the disciples had remained in fear?  Instead they felt the Holy Spirit breathe truth into them and remove the fear!

Instead we can cast out that fear, conquer that fear with: LOVE!!!

Love is the presence of God….love is GOD!  It is full of strength and courage!

Fear only takes….love only gives!

When we fear we forget: who made us, who loves us, what HIS PLANS ARE FOR US!  We become our own stumbling block.

What if today we truly embraced: mind, body, soul, spirit…..THE DIRECTIVE CHRIST GAVE US: DO NOT BE AFRAID!?!

Sit…pray…write….oil up….tap it away…

Many hugs and blessings dear beloved ones…

~Kelly 🙂

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